About Mordfilm


My name is Lance M. Goolsby.

I am from just outside Portland, Oregon. But we moved in 1978 and now I say I hail from Seattle, Washington U.S.A., However now I live just outside Schweinfurt, Germany.

I spent fifteen years in the U.S. Army, and much of that time when I was in training I would take notebooks with, and write stories or my thoughts in them.

I am also an artist, and cartoonist. Within the pages of the notebooks I wrote in, I made and wrote many cartoons, and short comic stories. Maybe some of which may make it into this blog.

In 2012 I suffered a mental brekdown brought on by undiagnosed PTSD from the Iraq War. I suffer from Depression and more. I found metal detecting helps me cope with the daily grind. I alsi use Podcasting to help as well, as I love talking all things geek.

I truly hope everyone enjoys the stories and articles I post on this site, and gets as much from them, as I put into them.

Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “About Mordfilm

  1. I have two relatives who served in the United States military: one in the Navy during WW II and the other the Army in Vietnam. So I simply thought I’d say, “thank you for your service.” I don’t have any experience with the military, but I have respect for anybody who decides to serve a cause higher than himself.

    Sprechst du Deutsch? Ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch.

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