About Mordfilm


My name is Lance M. Goolsby.

I originally hail from Seattle, Washington U.S.A., but now live in Schweinfurt, Germany.

I spent fifteen years in the U.S. Army, and much of that time when I was in training I would take notebooks with, and write stories or my thoughts in them.

I am also quite heavily into the heavy Metal scene here in Germany, and have made many friends throughout the bands I have had the pleasure meeting while working as a reporter for my now defunct web-magazine, or for a festival a friend puts on each year.

I am also an artist, and cartoonist. Within the pages of the notebooks I wrote in, I made and wrote many cartoons, and short comic stories. Maybe some of which may make it into this blog.

I am also a film maker, and have written scripts, which unfortunately, I never made into film. It turned out to cost too much to film in the city where I live, as many of the prominent landmarks were to be included in the film, and would not have worked without them. I have until now only made a few short films starring my sons, and a few music concert videos. I would love to eventually make a large film, but know it is a dream that is far off.

I am just hoping to find readers of some of the stories I have written, many of which have never been read by other people.

I really enjoy writing horror stories, and as you may find, I steer away from the typical “Happy Ending”. i find horror more effective when the bad guy wins. Where is the horror if it is just over when you are done reading? If there is no resolution to the story, I find the fear to be deeper. Thinking that the enemy is still out there, planning it’s next move, is a psychological horror I try to include in all my stories.

I try to be as descriptive as I can, but leaving as much for the interpretation of the reader as possible. I want the reader to fill in the blanks with their own thoughts, and  surroundings, making the reader a part of the story. I think that it brings the reader deeper into the story. Which I want. I want the reader to feel and experience the stories first hand. I think this is why none of my stories are too long. The more I put into the stories, the less imagination the reader needs when reading them. At least this is what I think.

I truly hope everyone enjoys the stories I post on this site, and gets as much from them, as I put into them.

Thank you for reading.


  1. I have two relatives who served in the United States military: one in the Navy during WW II and the other the Army in Vietnam. So I simply thought I’d say, “thank you for your service.” I don’t have any experience with the military, but I have respect for anybody who decides to serve a cause higher than himself.

    Sprechst du Deutsch? Ich spreche nur ein bisschen Deutsch.

  2. Bring back Nerdly Regurgitation

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