Robin Williams will be missed

In 2003, I was stationed in Kirkuk, Iraq, with my unit. It was right after I suffered my nervous breakdown after a rocket attack severly injured 2 of my soldiers.

I was reassigned to the main base of operations in the city, the air base co run by the Air Force and the Army, where I was then given the responsibility of upgrading all the buildings we were occupying, as well as coordinating the repair of local schools for the Iraqi children in the town.

One day, my assistant and I heard a USO bus was coming to the base, and would be there that afternoon. We both decided to drive out and see who was coming. It turned out to be Curt Angle, a NASCAR driver, the name escapes me, and to my surprise, Mr. Robin Williams.

I went to the area, where all the soldiers, about 1000 or more, were gathered around the stars, and I stood near the area where Mr. Williams was. There was tumultuous shouiting to have him yell out “Good Morning Vietnam” as well as a few requests for “Nanoo-Nanoo” from Mork and Mindy.

I was feeling rather embarassed for the star, as he was there to make us feel better and not showcase his films and television shows. So after about 10 minutes of listening to him ramble off several extremely funny jokes, I left the area, and hung out where we had parked.

It was right behind a bus, which I was under the impression was one of the many from the convoy for the stars that had come. I was leaning against the side of our Nissan truck when the stars were rallied back to their transportation.

I watched, amazed, as Robin Williams climbed into the bus I was sitting next to, putting on a flack jacket and helmet for the drive. He then stood next to the seat where he was going to sit, when he noticed me standing next to the truck.

A large smile crossed his face, and he waved at me. Amazed I looked around and saw he was intending it toward me. I waved back as he sat in his seat. He then stared at me, and put on an exaggerated smile, and gave me a thumbs up. Moments later the bus started up, and drove off.

There was a moment of uncomprehending the situation, followed by the sudden understanding what he was telling me. He was saying to keep a smile, and keep on soldiering. he was proud of me, of us all.

I never thought a movie star would reach out to ordinary people as he had, not to mention to offer a small bit of support to an individual soldier who must have obviously been suffering from a mental disorder.

That is a day I will never forget. A day that will remind me that we are all human, no matter our status. Robin Williams reached out to me, and consoled me.

Word reached me today that he had passed away. I want to tell this story to the world, as well as reach out to his family, to let them know that I for one was personally touched by the Humanitarian.

My thoughts go out to the entire family, and I send my complete condolences.

This is a man who will be missed by the entire world.




Lances “Team U.S.A. Cheddar Mushroom Burger” and Twice Fried Fries

Well, I decided to start posting some of the recipes I invent here for you to all try out.

I am a hobbyist cook. I enjoy creating gourmet meals that are not only good tasting, but a complete meal. Most of these meals are also price effective. To me, gourmet does not need to be expensive. That is a misconception from higher class restaurants that has spilled over to our everyday lives. Gourmet can be cheap.

As always, the best beverage for this meal is a great beer. I live in Germany, so I always use German beer. But a Microbrewery would also be great to compliment the dish. For this I would recommend a Pilsner or a Hefeweitzen beer.

I hope you enjoy these burgers and fries as much as we do.


Team U.S.A. Cheddar and Mushroom Burger


Ingredients: (makes 6 large burgers)

2 Lbs Ground Beef (Mixed Ground pork/beef, or Ground Pork)

Fine bread crumbs

1 Egg

20 White mushrooms

4 Medium onions

6 slices Cheddar Cheese, 3mm thick (Thicker for more flavor)

Sliced Dill Pickles



6 hamburger Buns



Crisco Vegetable shortening

About 2 hours before preparation of meal, mix ground beef, one egg and bread crumbs together with salt and pepper. create 6 large patties and place on plastic foil. separate patties by foil. place in refrigerator. This will ensure the patties retain their shape when cooking on grill or skillet.

Preheat a pan with a spoonful of Crisco. Cut onions in half, and then slice into 1/4 inch slices. Cut mushrooms into 1/2 inch thick slices and place into pan, frying them until the onions are beginning to brown. Add three large spoonfuls of honey and fry until onions start to become caramelized. Add salt and pepper to taste. Place pan to side.

 Preheat grill or skillet, cook patties to desired wellness. place Cheddar cheese slice on patty 1-2 minutes before removing from heat. Allow enough time to simply melt the cheese, and not cook into the meat.

Toast the buns and place on a plate.

Place patty onto bottom bun, spoon onion/mushroom mix onto the top. Top with 2 pickle slices, one leaf of Lettuce and ketchup.


Twice Fried Fries


6 Large potatoes

Chili Powder



Cut potatoes into 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick french fries. cutting the length of the potato is best.

place all slices into a large bowl, and sprinkle with chili powder, mixing together ensuring all fries are coated lightly. let the fries sit for about 5 minutes, allowing the powder to best adhere to the fries.

preheat deep fryer, and fry fries for about 5 minutes. Repeat process until all fries have been fried. Place fries into a bowl to hold until ready to cook for meal.

Place the fries back into the fryer for about 10 minutes. ensuring that they have been thoroughly cooked, and are a deep golden color. The color will vary based on the amount of chili powder placed on the fries. Obviously fry longer for a more crispy outside, and shorter for a more tender fry.

remove from fryer and place into a bowl, add a small amount of pepper, and then add salt to taste.

serve with a small bowl of ketchup, or your favorite condiment, enjoy.

Photos and serving suggestions:



My Army Cartoons and comics…

It is amazing to me, that even outside the realm of the army, almost 20 years to the date later, these comics are still being read, and liked. I did them on my own time, mostly when we were out in the “Field” doing our movement exercises, or training how to more efficiently kill someone. It was nothing more than a way for me to be able to pass time, and keep practicing another form of writing, one that I liked, in picture form. Sure the humor is immature, and crude, but it was supposed to be. I was not trying to inject adult mature humor or political satire into my stuff, I just wanted to make people laugh at what I though was funny.

I would often let my friends read what I wrote, and ask their opinions. Mostly it was positive.

So why is it 20 years later I am now making them available to you all to read?

Well, honestly I don’t rightly know. I found my old note books, containing hundreds of stories, either finished or just begun, either comic or word, that I accumulated over the years in the Army. There is some 15 or so of them.

I continued writing and drawing until the day I left the Army, and even to this day I am writing novels and stories based on ideas that seem to haunt me in my head.

I decided simply to start adding them to my blog, and see what people think.

I hope you like them…

Here are some Comic strips I made when I was in Iraq in 2003. It is the story of my wife, two boys our cat Lucky and dog Boo-Boo.

Hope you enjoy them.











Alien Embryo Boy: Episode II



Again from 1996… I had not thought people would have liked the first one so much, so I was kinda forced to make a second. Little did I know AEB would become such a cult thing in my Army Unit at the time.







well, this would eventually be the last AEB, minus a “Poster” I designed. I will eventually post it on here as well… Hope you enjoyed…





Here is a cartoon I drew in 1996, called Alien Embryo Boy, it is an adult oriented humor.

Enjoy. Lance















Andrew G. Alt’s Blog Site

As per the prior conversations between myself, and Andrew G. Alt, please check out his blog site. It is a fascinating site, that is fun to read.


I highly recommend it to everyone of my followers.




A conversation based on my predictions

Here is a transcript of a conversation I had between myself and Andrew G. Alt. He also has a great Blog, be sure to check him out as well.
Leave comments, ideas or concerns in the comment area, I would love hearing them all.
 Andrew G. Alt
I was planning to rent Return of the Jedi tomorrow. I’m surprised to hear that Leia and Luke are siblings after that kiss she planted on him when I watched Empire for the first time last night. Additionally, I have doubts that Luke will have Mr. Vader’s assertion confirmed that he is the young Jedi’s father. Though I’ve seen parodies that suggest such a thing, I have trouble with that because of the coincidence factor: The battlecruiser from the beginning of A New Hope just happens to be disabled and boarded above Luke’s home planet, the droids jettisoned within a short distance from where Luke lives (Tattooine has a very large surface area making this next to impossible). Within only an hour, Luke is on the Death Star watching Obi-Wan meet his fate by the hand of Mr. Vader. Oh yes, and Luke’s supposed sister just happens to be a prisoner at the exact same time the Millenium Falcon has been tractored in.
And my memory on these events are fresh because I watched A New Hope for the first time two days ago.
All right, forget all that nonsense. If Luke must remain abstinent to keep with traditional Jedi ways, wouldn’t that have to apply to Princess Leia, his “sister?”
Easy enough to write in, I suppose. She and Mr. Solo conceived before she found out that she was a Jedi as well. To make things believable, it would have had to happen sometime between Han being rescued from Jabba’s palace, and Luke telling Leia she’s his sister (which I don’t know about yet because I haven’t watched Jedi yet, according to my first paragraph).
But of course Leia wouldn’t know about the tradition, so could conceivably conceive at the “End of the Empire Party” after the Death Star (I assume) is destroyed, before Luke shows up to tell her about the Jedi tradition, which he wouldn’t know about because Obi-Wan and Yoda never passed that information on. Perhaps they told him off-camera, but either way, in all earnestness, I don’t see that the writers of the sequel will be tied to keeping that tradition.
As for the rest of your suggestions, they sound pretty reasonable. I have been a fan of the Star Wars franchise for two days now and am interested to see what comes next. I’ll give a review of Jedi tomorrow; hopefully I’ll be the first one to post of review of it on the Internet. 
Lance Goolsby
Thanks for the response, And more importantly, WELCOME TO THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE!!!
I would love to talk with you once you have seen Return of the Jedi, Without seeing it, I will be giving too many spoilers. RotJ Has the most important events to the entire Luke, Lea, Han and Darth story. They will be immensely important to the overall story to Episode VII.
As a new watcher, I would also love to hear your thoughts and insights to the stories. I have seen each of the original 3 about once a year since seeing Star Wars in theaters in 1977. I have been deeply taken into the story, and also read many of the books, and play the games, that I am now immune to any information from them. But you, as a fresh set of eyes, are open to interpret everything as I could never do right now.
Once you see RotJ, please write me again, and lets talk about the films.
As for Lea becoming a Jedi, I don’t believe she will. My belief is that she will study, but will not become a Jedi. She will have a Lightsaber, but will not be a Jedi, she will most likely be in some kind of leadership roll in the government.
Once you see RotJ, then I will divulge more. But until then…
May the Force Be With You.
Andrew G. Alt
I sincerely apologize–I was trying to be funny in my comment, but after reading what I wrote, I see that I failed completely in making it clear I was being satiral. Again, I apologize.

The first SW movie I saw was ROTJ when I was about 13 years old. I read the novels based on the movies, and soon after, when VCRs became more available, I saw A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.
I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen them all. More than 20, I’d guess.
One thing about ROTJ that confused me was Luke going back to Dagobah, “I have a promise to keep… to an old friend.”
But when he arrives and is with Yoda, Yoda said, “no more training do you require.” In ESB, Yoda and Obi-Wan were adamant that Luke stay to complete the training, that he wasn’t ready to face Vader. But then in ROTJ Yoda basically says that he won’t be a Jedi until he confronts Vader again.
If Luke had been back to Dagobah (to complete the training) in the six months since Han was frozen in carbonite, this would make sense to me. In fact, if I recall correctly, that’s what I assumed when I was younger and first saw it. But there’s really no indication that he was. Other than he seems more “controlled and disciplined” in the beginning of ROTJ. But he talked about keeping a promise to an old friend, the only one we know about being the one he made when he abruptly left Dagobah to rescue Han, Leia, Chewie, and C-3P0.
But obviously I liked ROTJ. I like the original trilogy far better than the other trilogy. I won’t go into all the reaons.
Guten Tag

Lance Goolsby

AH, ha ha ha, ok. I do love satire.
Ok, I think first of all there is a larger focus on Tatooine, that needs to be addressed. As you said, too many things happen on or around it that are way too far beyond coincidence to be ignored. It is my belief that the force was guiding all involved to the planet for whatever reason to be determined.
1) Anakin was born on Tatooine
2) the royal cruiser was hijacked in the space above the planet, thusly meaning that Princess Lea was flying around the universe, and ended up above her fathers home planet before her father captured her.
3) R2D2 and C3PO (Built by Anakin) crash landed their escape pod on the planet
4) Ob-Wan Kenobi brought Luke back to Tatooine, even knowing that Anakin was from the planet (Many speculate that it may be because Anakin would never return knowing his mother was killed there, and there he was held in slave labor. I for one don’t believe this, as it was in part to these events that Anakin became Darth Vader.)
5) Han Solo is captured on Cloud City, and then transported back to Tatooine to be hung on the wall of a fat slug he owes money too.
6) Ob-Wan Kenobi and Qai-Gon Jinn crash land on Tatooine with Pademe Amadala and end up walking into Waddo’s parts store where Anakin is a slave
There are far too many facts happening on this planet. All of which, in one way or another are important to the overall story.
Ok, now back to the overall story line of the original three;
I don’t understand the consistancy in the story between the kiss with luke, and in Return when luke comes and says “You are my sister.” Lea then responds with “I know, somehow I’ve always known.” Ok, she knew he was her brother, and then laid a kiss on him? That is kinda gross. I do understand it was just to make Han Solo jealous, and based on the kiss in Return with Han, it worked well. But it is still kinda gross. Why not Chewbacca? would have been a little less gross.
As for all three being at the Death Star at the same time in A New Hope, It can be accounted to the force 100% for that one. Luke is a force user, Lea is as well, just does not know it, Ob-Wan is and Vader is as well, they are four of the remaining 6 force users in the universe. Only Palpatine, and Yoda are missing. Of course the force would want to bring them together to bring a balance to the force. If you read any of the extended universe books, they kinda make clear that the force guides people. Hell, even Ob-Wan said something like it to luke in A New Hope, “The Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.” Binding the six force users.
I believe Princess lea, or rather Lea Organna, will have learned in the way of the Jedi, she will not have become one. You can see her learning through ESB, and ROTJ, when she “Feels” Luke, as he is dangling on the underside of cloud city, when he meets Darth Vader on the platform. Or her “Somehow I’ve always known” statement.
She will study, as it is the family business (ha ha ha) but she will always come back to the smuggler. they will have gotten married, and had kids. This is where we will find the story beginning in VII.
Luke, being more of the heart driven of the two, will follow in the way of the Jedi. He will have made his way to Coriscuant, and studied the Jedi Holocrons, learning much in the way of the force. He will then re-establish the Jedi order, the New Jedi Order, and the first students will have been the Solo kids.
When Luke arives back on Dagobah, Yoda tells him he needs no more training. He knows that the circle is about to become complete again, and father and son are about to have an understanding, that will fulfill the prophecy of Anakin being the chosen one. The one to bring the Empire to its knees (Or off a platform into a reactor). It is my belief this is why Yoda responded to Luke like this on his return. Also Yoda knew he was about to die.
Now for the part I forgot.
The Empire was never destroyed. It was crippled, but Palpatine would have had so many plans in place for the outcome of just such an event. Other Sith in waiting, leaders primed and ready to go should his demise happen. This is where we will pick up in VII. The Empire plots to overthrow the new government, and install the Empire as rulers of the universe under the Sith hand.
This is where I believe Lea is in some form of a leadership roll, and it is her, or her and Solo, that will be plotted against by the Sith, to cause a disruption that will allow them to revolt and then capture the senate.
Ok. My thoughts have gone on long enough.
Andrew G. Alt

Luke pointed out that the emperor’s overconfidence was his weakness; so, in my opinion, the emperor would not have made plans for his own demise because it’s something he never foresaw.
hope the next movie doesn’t involve the evil Galactic Empire. Seeing the Death Star blown up twice by the Alliance taking advantage of an architectural defect was enough for me; and in “reality” I’ve seen it blown up over 40 times, if I count the number of times I’ve seen the movies.

Lance Goolsby
I believe without a doubt that we will be seeing the Empire again. As strange as it may seem. Just like in our world, we took out the head of Alkeida but the entity is still around. So imagining a 30 year time span where the Empire has been secretly rebuilding itself under a new leadership is not too far fetched. In fact, it is a realistic story plot. I am hoping it is a leader that is far more different than Palpatine, more dependent upon his followers, and hopefully also, better plans for super space stations… Ha ha ha
As for Luke’s statement. I believe Palpatine had every possible outcome planned. He always had an apprentice, a right hand. We don’t know how many he had out and about in the universe traveling around spreading the seed of the Sith. Palpatine as a Sith believed in a single Sith, infiltrating the system to take it over from inside, through subversion, as seen in episode I to III.
Later when he was in charge, I believe he would have stiffened his grip by bringing the Sith order back, having an anti Jedi group.
This may not happen in the films, but as a leader as he was it would have made the most sense.
The Emperor was quite overconfident, always being in the same place as his super weapons, which was his weakness in the end.
I love these talks. If you have more thoughts, I would love hearing them. In fact I will post these discussions as a page on this blog, so more people can read them as well, see if we can stir up some more as well between us.

A dissection the possible Star Wars Episode VII Story

J. J. Abrams, is a world renowned writer, producer and director. His bodies of work as a writer include the television series Alias, Felicity, Fringe, Undercovers and the hugely popular Lost. These shows helped solidify him as a well known writer of stories in a weekly format. His film credits are just as well liked, Forever Young, Super 8, Cloverfield, both of the Star Trek re-imagined films and now the eagerly awaited Star Wars Episode VII.

If you do a search online, you will find a million websites speculating the possible plots for the next installment of the Star Wars film. Reporting on rumors, possibilities, and news being purported to be leaked from sources inside the Lucasfilm family.

However what people are forgetting when they speculate on the possibility of the J. J. Abrams screenplay is who has helped write it to begin with, J. J. Abrams himself with Lawrence Kasdan (Co-writer of the most beloved in the original series, The Empire Strikes Back, along with Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Return of the Jedi) Both writers love exploiting certain elements in order to create a driven and entertaining story. Interpersonal drama.

The Interpersonal drama was well seen in The Empire Strikes Back. Luke learns that Darth Vader is his father. Battles himself as Darth Vader on Dagobah, Han Solo is captured and frozen in Carbonite and the Empire seems to be solidifying their defense against the Rebellion. This story line is then finalized in Return of the Jedi, as Luke learns of his sister, faces the realization that he is the last of the Jedi in the universe, and must eventually make a hard decision to stand his ground against his father, and direct opposite, Darth Vader. Vader eventually faces his very own demons and turns against the one who seemed to take him under his wing, and mentor him as no other had before, Darth Sidius ( AKA: Emperor Palpatine)

It seems poetic that these two writers are teaming up for the next three films. They both really love their turmoil between characters in their stories. 

So what do I believe we can expect to see in the next films?

We do know that these stories will happen 30 years after the end of Return of the Jedi, as announced by Lucasfilm themselves.

I believe there will be a very dark and deep story beginning in the first of the trilogy. Here are points we can expect to see.

  1. The “Big Three”, Luke, Lea and Han Solo will return. Lea and Han will now be parents, to I believe twins. One Boy one Girl.
  2. The twins will now be either Jedi, or Jedi in training under the tutelage of Luke Skywalker.
  3. Luke Skywalker will be either training a new order of the Jedi, or scouring the galaxy looking for new candidates to fill the ranks of the Jedi, there is a possibility of both. Master Luke will be the head of the New Jedi Order.
  4. Luke Skywalker will also be a father. (This I don’t believe as much, as I believe he will have remained abstinent and single as is the way of the Jedi, no emotional connections to the galaxy)
  5. There will be a minimum of 2 new protagonists in the new film, a Sith Lord and his apprentice. They will have been responsible for restructuring the Empire, and saving them from the brink of extinction.
  6. (This is probably the most unloved prediction) One or more of the “Big Three” will be killed in an insurrection plot. Must likely Han Solo, Lea Solo or both.
  7. One of the Solo children (most likely the male) will go out of their way to exact revenge against those responsible for the death, eventually leading to the dark side, and into the arms of the Sith Lord, who will then shape him into his form.
  8. The remaining Solo Child, along with a Jedi friend, or two, will travel the galaxy seeking the lost brother/sister in order to save him/her from him/herself. 
  9. Along the way they will make the acquaintance of another, or multiple characters who reluctantly accompany them on their quest.
  10. The new empire will overthrow the government and reinstate their power in the galaxy.

We can expect to see certain places we love, especially Tatooine, which seems to play a large part in the Star Wars universe. Its secret should be answered within the course of the three films.

This is my belief based on my understanding of the writers. Both of which are ranked among two of the greatest story tellers on any screen of the last century. Their films and television series are rife with trauma. 

To understand what will be coming in the next films, we must understand both of the writers, their belief system in the story telling process, and understanding they are planning these films as a three part series. It is not a single film, as A New Hope was originally intended.

With the understanding of these, we should be able to better predict the films before they come out.

If you have thoughts or ideas, I would love hearing them.

Please comment, or message me on twitter, @lancegoolsby


Deaths Hand: Chapter 4

John and Jack had ran for what had felt like miles on end. And finally slowed down to a walk when they noticed nothing following them. Less than three blocks away, the lights of the military base illuminated the darkened sky.

“What the fuck just happened?” Jack got out between his breaths.

The weight of the armour, weapons and the ammunition they were carrying felt like it weighed a ton. It had slowed them down while they were running, and it concerned them. They did not want to take it all off, in case the thing returned. It seemed it could help protect them from whatever it was.

Celebration gun shots were ringing off, and tracers were illuminating the night, like small glow worms making their way up an invisible thread at high speeds. The sounds seemed to be coming from everywhere. There would have been no way the guards at the base could have differentiated the shots from them protecting themselves, and all the rest.

John looked behind them, “I have no idea. It came so fast.” Sweat was pouring into his eyes, blurring his vision.

They had just passed the last house on the street. There was only a field now between them, and the security of the base. The field was eerily dark, and whenever a slight wind caught the tall grass, it moved, alerting John’s senses.

They kept moving forward.

Behind them somewhere there was a loud bang, like something hitting one of the buildings. To John it was in slow motion, as he and Jack turned their heads. The slight sense of comfort and security had now completely vanished when they noticed the figure perching on the corner of the roof behind them.

It sat there, illuminated by the single light on the street below it. On its face, a liquid, what John figured to be blood, dripped down to the street below. Its hand gripped the corner of the building, and it was crouched down, looking at the lights of the base. Slowly John saw it turn its attention to them.

John took off running before Jack, who seemed to be again in denial of what it was he was looking at.

Looking back as he ran across the uneven field, looking for footing, he witnessed the beast again leap from the building. in a single leap it covered the space between it and Jack.

Jack had avoided at the last possible moment the creature, who landed on the ground directly beside him. He was raising his rifle to fire upon it.

John was as well, and began firing across his side blindly in the direction of the beast, while he ran forward. Less than 2 blocks left to the seemingly safety of the base.

Tracer flew in the direction of the beast, and jack who was now also firing blindly at the beast, starting to run in the direction of John.

To Johns horror, he watched as the tracer from his rifle started to fly into the body of Jack, who then fell to the ground. The beast was now on its feet, directly behind Jack, moving forward at amazing speed. it grabbed Jack by the arm, and flung the body completely off of the ground, and forty feet into the wall behind them. Jacks body hit with a loud thud, and pieces of wall and jack flew through a hole created from the impact.

The creature kept moving forward at amazing speed.

Less than one block to go. Through the darkness, Johns unsure footing finally failed him, as he stepped into a hole in the ground.

He fell to the ground heavily. His breath shot out of him in a single grunt, as a large stone hit him in the chest.

John rolled onto his back, just in time to see the creature flying, what he thought to be gracefully, directly at him. within a second it was over.


Tim Jackson sat in the guard tower on the Military base watching the tracers from the celebration fire rise into the night sky. In his ears the music of Led Zeppelin’s, When The Levy Breaks blasted through the headphones.

If Tim had turned his attention slightly to his right, he would have just made out a creature ripping one of his fellow soldiers apart in the darkness enshrouded field.


The creature leaped back onto the roof of the building, and started making its way back to the security and comfort of the tall building it had resided in for the last six years.

Up on the roof, in the shade of the small enclosure that stood there, it could survey the city during the day.

The creature knew that the soldiers would send out more, when the bodies were found. but they would not think to blame the creature.

Not since the time the humans referred to as the crusades, had the creature been seen. It had gotten spotted a few times, which had created legends amongst the humans. They called him Vampire, demon, devil or Werewolf. They then told the stories to each other to create fear amongst themselves for fun.

These humans today would blame other people for the deaths of their comrades. Vendetta would ensue, which gave the beast another guise to venture out to feast.

Humans were easy to predict. They thrived on emotions, which made it easy to prey on them.

Up on the roof top, it looked out onto the city that spread out before it. Tomorrow it would feed again. Tomorrow it would relish in the chaos and gore it created.

Tomorrow it would absorb more human souls to feed its immortality.

Deaths Hand: Chapter 3

The beast turned in time from his fresh kill, to notice two of his  prey turning and running down a darkened street side.

He didn’t mind, as he already had their scent in his nose, and will follow up later.

Since as long as the beast could remember, there has been the perfect opportunity for the creature to feast when it needed. Over the course of tens of thousands of years, these creatures that referred to themselves as humans, have been fighting each other for what ever reason they felt important at the time.

Land, women, religion or race. However the beast didn’t care why, but loved the amount of souls it was able to devour in order to extend its existence. Under the guise of war, the beast could hide its feeding. These humans made it so easy. War was the perfect cover.

The beast remembers the time when it had no need to hide in the shadows. It was able to feed as it wished, as the humans worshiped him openly. They would refer to him as PramayA-Gabhasti, which translates to Deaths Hand. They would offer him the souls, and occasionally they would willingly offer themselves to him.

The beast turned to look at the petrified local man who was worshipping ans asking forgiveness from one of the many of the human gods. It reached out with its hand, and it completely engulfed the head of the puny human.

However in the beasts mind, it is the last few thousand years that humans have killed themselves in such quantities that the beast was able to hibernate between sustaining itself. There were people who were referring to themselves as Romans, Celts, Picts, Anglos, Saxons and Germanics who were systematically and without remorse killing each other. A while later there was this amazing thing that the humans called a plague, that helped the beast truly engulf itself with the souls of them.

It then took a thousand year hibernation, to awake in Europe and the humans were killing themselves in numbers that were almost impossible to keep up with. The beast was able to move between places where battles were taking place. Here the beast was able to slowly feast, and witness the horrors that these mortals were putting on each other.

Over the course of the last hundred years, there has been at some point every second of every day, at some place on the planet a war. Where the smell of blood would attract the beast. It would travel to the area where the blood was originating from, and feast itself, providing itself the needed energy to sustain its eternal life.

With the puny humans head in its hand, it looked down the area where the two humans had run. Slowly the beast flexed it’s fingers, it could feel the cartilage of the ears of the human first crack under the pressure it was placing on it.

It could feel the soul of the human slowly slip into the beasts own flesh. There was no need to feed physically on these creatures, it was only a pleasure. the flavour of the flesh, blood and the hardness of their bones actually excited the beast when it snapped in its mouth.

Still harder it flexed, and then came an amazingly loud and pleasurable snap, as the skull of the human fractured in multiple places under the pressure.

Its focus was still upon the two running down the street away from it.

Finally the flesh of the humans head in its hand gave way to allow the now over pressured internal contents to escape their torment. Its blood showered the beast in a joyous rain that stained its own flesh in a colourful cascade of crimson.

It was the exact moment the humans soul was assimilated fully into the beasts body. Deaths Hand was now slightly satisfied. However from the earlier engagement of the human with its weapon, it would need to replenish the souls it took to repair itself.

The humans body fell and slumped to the ground, it was the first time the beast had turned it’s attention from the humans who were under the impression they were escaping. The beast saw how the blood now pooled around the mangled remains of the humans head. It enjoyed the sight of the gore around it that it was responsible for. How easily humans were destroyed. How fragile these creatures were. Yet they have always thought of themselves as superior. Immortal, no matter how close to mortality they were.

These two humans thought they had a chance to be saved, redeemed from the horrors they had witnessed. The horrors that had befallen their friends.

The beast would have fun with these two.

For it knew they were fatally wrong.