The Cul De Sac

By: Lance Goolsby


– 1 No Bones about it –

Where do I begin? Thats the toughest dilema for me right now. There is a very beginning of me, but do you, dear reader, want to hear it? I didn‘t think so.

So there is a point I must figure out where to begin this story. My childhood plays no part, and where I am now is the ending, and what an ending. So where?

A neighbor. Someone you live next to and implicitely trust, as they look out for you, and you look out for them. In theory they want the same thing as you, since you occupy similar locations. There is an untold bond between neighbors that is supposed to be kept, to be vigilant looking out for unwanted situations from entering the neighborhood.

Yet, on the odd occasion that someone breaks that treaty, or defies all the rules, or even remains completely recluse within the confines of their house, it causes all neighbors within a small area to take notice.

We all know what happens when neighbors take notice. The hedges become the local news station. Rumors and fables are spun over the leaves of many hedges, within the smoke of many grills and between sips of beer at the football game parties, all while looking at the facade of a house holding the local offender.

That sounds like a great place to start. This is one of those stories, all begun because of a neighbor who didnt really communicate much or talk with others. A neighbor who just enjoyed his time off at home working in the garden, or watching football or sports on the television.

Well, Actually, This story begins because of a dog, and snowballed into something much bigger within a short period of time. very short.

I guess you know by now I am the recluse.

Yah, I am an introvert. I love films. I love Television shows, as well as sports. I never reached out to others in the neighborhood as I felt I did not need to, I knew after five years here people were talking about me. But I never gave them any reason to.

I do my yard, and if I must say so, it is the cleanest in the culdesac. I am always planting new plants, bushes and keeping my lawn perfectly trimmed.

I ocasionally have a couple friends over, and we will grill out back. Or my fiance comes over and spends the night, or a week, you know what i mean by that.

No loud parties, or overly loud conversations. I prided myself on being a quiet almost invisible neighbor. No reasons ever to talk about me, as, by all things they could see about me, I was just someone doing my thing and bothering no one.

Don’t get me wrong, I do say “Hi” when needed. I wave as all ‘Leave it to Beaver’ neighborhoods do. Well rather neighborhoods who try to masquerade as a ‘Leave it to Beaver’ Neighbors. None ever really are. Each has their own dirty little secrets, tales no one talks about publicly, but everyone in the neighborhood knows about them.

In reality neighbors wear masks with huge smiles in front of you, yet have the biggest daggers, and love to drive it into your back when they talk with others. But this is a study rather for comunial living psychological debates, but not this tale.

The dog in question, A giant short haired German Sheppard named tiny. Irony, almost funny. The dog loves terrorizing the neighborhood. It would normally be locked up in the backyard of the Tailors house. However, the dog could easily jump the 4 foot tall fence separating their and the Munoz house. giving it free reign of the neighborhood. I mean really a three foot tall dog, and a four foot tall fence, its not rocket science.

Tiny has the calm temperment of Mike Tyson on a week long Meth binge. Don’t ever be an outsider to the family and ever try to pet, touch, talk to, or even breathe the same air as Tiny. He will turn, and rip your face off like a zombie on that famous show, or what do they call them? Walkers? Yah, you know the one.

I think he suffers psychological damage from his name. I mean he is messed up in the head, and it must come from his confusion about his name. My name is tiny, but I am big… Does not compute, does not compute… Que exploding neurons and smoke from ears. The dog is damaged goods basically.

There is not a day in the neighborhood that someone from the Tailors is not screaming the dogs name at some weird time, looking for him.

Which, i guess, is a good spot to start this story.


The kid, James, known as JT, was yelling for Tiny. as usual. It was the evening of the third of July. My guess is Tiny jumped the speed bump of a fence, and was out on the loose.

The dog ran by my living room window. Covered in dirt. Nothing new.

I didnt pay attention to it, then returned to my television.

The next morning, I was heading out to a friends house. He and his wife were celebrating the fourth with some illegal fireworks, which he promised to “kick ass and make the block deaf”. Which intriegued me enough to accept the invite.

I loaded up, and drove out right before noon.

JT was out, and so was Cujo. There were a bunch of teens and younger in this suburban culdesac tossing one form of pyro or another, often times at each other. But almost always ending with the report of a loud ‘Bang’

I wound my Ford through the miniture Beruit battlefield, surviving with only one fire cracker exploding on the windshield. Tossed by the other juvenile delequent in the neighborhood. Well, thats not fair. He isnt a Juvenile delequent. That would insult the millions of other kids working hard to fullfil that roll.

Hunter is simply a human which lacks any goals, skills, or even motivation to contribute to humanity. He excells at lethargy and annoyance though. This is a kid who really was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. The kid gets whatever he screams for, and often times it seems he is feared by his own parents.

The following is what I heard had happened in the time I was gone that evening. I only found out a short time ago.

After I left, Tiny again ran off and disappeared. JT and Hunter were out in the culdesac tossing all kinds of explosives at other kids, who were laughing and giggling. I am sure many of the younger kids at one point or another was seen crying by the hand, or firework of, JT and or Hunter.

Through the day, the adults were gathered in the front yard of the Tailers, burning perfectly good ground beef and steaks. Laughing and guffawing about this and that.

Now, the night before I didnt know that Tiny had been digging in my back yard. And as it turns out, he was there again while almost the entire neighborhood was gathered. Beers in hand and harder alcohol being gingerly mixed with beverages on tables in the house.

“him and his damn yard… Always better looking than ours! If only I was as good in the garden as he is.”

Now remember I wasnt there, So I can only guess what the dialogue was. I am pretty sure this is accurate.

“JT. Go get Tiny it is time to put him in the back. Foods almost done.”

JT and Hunter ran off and began their cadence of screaming for the hell hound.


Now the dog was within ear shot of the boys, but as usual, he would ignore as long as possible.

This occasion was no exception.

And in earshot he definitely was. Right in my back yard where he was the night before, unbeknownst to me. Deep in my flower bed, where I had just planted a new Rhodedendron bush.

He came out of the back, and started proudly tromping toward the gathered crowd in the front yard across from my house with his new prize.

No one noticed the dogs posession for the first while. They went on with their evening of drunken pryotechnics and then at some point in the night they went back into their homes to sleep off the nights festivities.

-2 July fifth-

I got home around nine AM to find a bunch of neighbors rooting around in my front garden.

I pulled into the drive and was fuming. I am sure my skin had changed at least ten shades of red deeper as I was definitely feeling the heat of anger on my face.

On the ground, many of this seasons flowers and bushes I had planted a couple years ago were lying all over my manicured lawn and trampled under foot. the neighbors were on their hands and knees digging through the ground.

“Here he comes, maybe the bastard can answer some questions now!”

Steven Tailor, obviously JT’s father, was pointing at me as I opened the door to my ford, and stepped out to be greated by even more people.

“What the hell did you do?”

“Who the hell are you?”

“You monster, what did you do?”

My anger gave way to confusion. I stared at each one of them. Anger still flushing my face every time I looked past a face to my shambles of a garden in the background.

“First off. What the hell are you doing to my yard? and second what the shit are you talking about?”

Steven stepped up, always the self proclaimed leader.

“Tiny came home last night with this.”

He lifted a hefty garbage bag up and held it out to me. I took it and opened it. Inside, a dirt covered, off white ball laid at the bottom.

“Ok, whats this?”

Then I started seeing what looked like wavy lines forming a “Y” on it, and then I noticed a large hole on one end. then another large hole. It started forming into a known object. a grusome item indeed.

“What the hell is this?” I shouted as I jumped backwards dropping it to the ground.

“That, Kevin, Is a skull.” he was looking at me with a look of disgust. “In fact, a childs skull.”

“What the hell are you doing with that?” I yelled at him, confused what I was seeing and hearing.

“This is what Tiny brought back from your back yard.” He said. “Now I have seen enough crime shows, like CSI and NCIS to know that this is a childs skull.”

“AND?” I yelled, “What the fuck does this have to do with me?”

“We noticed how often you are digging and planting in your yard. It is odd.” he looked around to the other men, and the couple women who had dared come to my yard.

“We think you are hiding something in your yard.”

“Naturally it has to come from my yard, right? I mean my yard is the only one that your, ” I tossed up air quotes, “Dog, runs into, right? I am sure the Munoz’ have had their share of holes as well.”

I looked at Daniel Munoz, and he was looking back and forth from me to Steven and back nodding. Then his eyes went wide, and he abruptly stopped when he noticed Steven looking at him with anger in his eyes. He then went back to looking at me. and then Steven continued.

“Yah, well last night and this morning he was only in yours, and this is what he brought home last night.”

He pointed at the garbage bag on the ground. I thought it was an unfair way to store the remains of a person, but decided to hold my thoughts.

I notied I was being blamed for a horrendous crime. Even though I knew there was no proof or evidence of it, they all were under the impression Steven was right, and were following their Neighborhood Watch leader.

“So, Because I dont really converse with any of you, and because your dog brought home a macabre trophy from somewhere, and the only place you knew he was at, and did nothing to stop him, was my yard, I am obviously the culpret? Right?”

Steven looked at me, “Yah, so you get it.” He turned to look at the others, and said, “Lets go find the rest of the skeleton.”

I sighed, as he didnt see the sarcasm that was as obvious as a nuclear blast. Then again Steven was as bright as a one watt light bulb, that was run over by a tank.

the group split up, and started digging up all the plants from this and last year again.

“We are digging, Kevin. We need evidence before we go to the police.”

I looked at him, “Good, I am sure that you will find non…”

“Over here!” Daniel yelled from just to the rear of my house, where the rhodedendrons were just planted a week ago.

Steven and I ran to the back, and there among the dirt, several obvious bones were lying in the ground. The white of the bones contrasting against the fresh planting soil I put in a week before.

There was a problem though. One of the bones was a skull. Meaning this was not the set of bones the Hefty Bag skull came from.

“What the hell!?” I yelled in disbelief. “There is no way. I planted the bush last week and the bones were not there!” I screamed

“Or did you plant the bush to hide the bones? that is the true question!” steven looked at me like Columbo after asking his ‘One more question, maam.’

“Are you truly messed up in the head?” I looked at him, thinking he would answer, he just kept his smug, ‘i just found your porno magazine stash, son’, look on his face. “It is obvious that the bones were planted here you dolt!”

“Hows that?”

“Look at them!”

“What about them?”

“They are bleach white!”

“And? what difference does that make?”

“Damn you are dense. Bones bleach after sitting in the sun, if buried they start absorbing nutrients from the soil staining them.”

“And how exactly do you know so much about bones? Hmmm?”

If there was ever a proper face palming moment this was the quintessential moment, the one that would rightly overshadow any other face palm in history. Including the one from the captain of the Exxon Valdez, just after he ran the ship aground and realized he was leaking crude oil. Or the one Hitlers advisor made after he told Hitler NOT to invade Russia, then received Hitlers battle plan an hour later.

“Steven, Over here as well!” yelled Melanie Sanders.

“Here as well Steve!” Yelled Adam Johnson.

My jaw hit the ground seeing the two new sets of bones emerging from the ground.

“I knew it Kevin. From the beginning I never trusted you. You are too different. You never fit in here. Now this”

He gestured to the people kneeling on the ground next to the white bones now poking out of the soil. One set where some Geraniums were just planted last weekend.

“I am in a situation that turning you in would bring allot of attention to our culdesac, which none of us want. It would mean police digging through everything, reporters parked on everyones lawn, and none of us getting any rest or peace.”

Steven sighed and looked at the ground. He gestured for all the rest to come over.

Once everyone was gathered, Steven looked back up, and directly at me.

“Kevin, We dont want that kind of attention, this is the subburbs, we dont need the press, police or anyone digging through our world here. This kind of attention would destroy our community here. The world we are creating and protecting in our dead end street.

“so this is what we are going to do. We will rebury the bones, and forget about them as much as we can. You will become a bigger part of this community and assist us. You will stop this… This busioness you are doing here.” he swung his hand over the yard.

“We need you to become a better part of our culdesac. If not we will have no other choice than to contact the authorities.”

My eyes were huge, this guy was basically telling me he would forget the minimum of three bodies buried in the dirt in my yard, if I would become a better part of the community. This is a gruesome blackmale, extortion for communal assistance.

“Steven, you have got to be kidding, right?” I asked in total disbelief.

“No kevin. look, I dont know what you did, this is your business. not ours. But it is obvious its been several years since they… were… well… killed. so its not our business. You have been a recluse in the commuinity since you moved into the Willners old house. We need you to be more proactive.”

I was totally in shock. He was basically telling me that I need to become one of the Cleavers from ‘Leave it to Beaver’ and be the ideal neighbor, or he would call the cops for something I didnt do.

“This is ludacris!” I yelled, looking at each face for support, surely they all cant agree with this. However each one was equally as stoic as Stevens.

“Kevin, you need to do this. You dont want this attention.” His face got extremely serious, “The Willners had to go because they didnt fit in, and now you are also a borderline non-conformist, which our neighborhood doesnt need.”

I sat completely wordless, total amazement on my face, I looked from one person to the other, Melanie, Adam, Daniel, David, Parker, Annette. Every one of them was contemplating me with a stern look on their face. Almost to signal I better listen to Steven.

I was dumbfounded for the next two hours, as the people simply re-buried the bones into the ground, placing my plants back to where they were… Well not really, But I was not even about to complain. In fact I didnt say a single word. I simply stood in the same spot, and watched as my world crumbled around me. I had nothing to say, I couldnt fight it, as I was actually afraid for my safety.

Do I dare call the police?

Then how do I explain at least three skeletons in my yard?

Do I drive off and stay at my fiance’s house?

I would need to eventually come back for my stuff, then what?

I was trapped in a catch 22.

Damed if I do, Damned if I dont.

Around me the people were moving in fast motion. my heart was racing, I was sweating when a voice woke me up.

“Kevin. KEVIN!”

“Huh? what?”

“Go inside man. Take a shower and relax. Tomorrow is a new day.” he had this eerie smile on his face. “Then tomorrow come over to my place and we will discuss things. Hows that?”

I was still stunned.

“Uh, Yah, sure.”

That was my July fifth. It was yesterday. I know I told you before that there was a crazy ending. Well. Put on an extra set of underwear, you will need them because when you read what happens, you will probably shit yourself.

This is about to go from crazy, to off the rails, absolutely cuckoo, bag full of nuts, ape-shit bonkers really quick in just a few paragraphs.

-3 The Sanders-

I sat in my kitchen sipping on my third beer, dissecting what had happened so far.

“Why are they not calling the police about the skeletons?” I asked the label on the Rolling Rock bottle.

Simple, I thought, they dont want the attention and negative press associated with it.

“But where did they come from?”

That is the most important question. They were not there last week when I planted any of the plants. In fact, most of the earth where the bones were, was the planting soil I bought at the garden store, so it was not even the native dirt.

“So how did they get there?”

Well, the bones were found only after Tiny dug one up.

“So were they always in my yard?”

Oh come on, dont be stupid, we just covered that dude.

“Then what is the game here? And where did they come from?”

What if one of the others planted them in your yard to frame you?

“Frame me for what? why?”

Good question. Listen I am a clear plastic sticker on a beer bottle, I cant know everything.

“Framing me doesnt seem like the thing. I have no enemies that I know of. Well at least none who would frame me for murder at least.”

Didnt it seem odd that Steven wasnt really all that upset about everything?

“Yah, and no one really freaked out, I mean, I was pale and couldnt speak and I know I didnt do it. none of them even flinched when they were found and they were thinking I was a serial killer or something. They also seemed to find the bones pretty damn fast as well. one after the other.”

Like they knew where they were?

“Like they knew where they were!” I screamed, the sound of it echoing through my very quiet house, startling me.

I chugged the last of the Beer and then slammed the bottle on the table and back handed the drips off my moustache and beard. I got up, and stared out the window in the living room, which faced the culdesac.

There were four houses. All seemingly perfect. The Munoz house, to the right of it the Tailor house, the johnson house to their left and my next door neighbor and left neighbor of the johnsons was the sanders. Five houses circling the end of a street. Four of which are all close friends. One outsider.

Thats when it hit me.

I was the outsider. How better to get someone to conform than to blackmale them into doing what you want.

Is this what was going on?

Is the culdesac mafia actually trying to frame me for murder, to ensure that I comformed to the way they wanted the street to be like?

But… What was that exactly?

And then again Who were the skeletons in the garden?

It was closing in on 11pm. and darkness was falling on the street, with the exception of the front lights on the porches of the five houses, and the Tailors driveway light post on the end of their drive.

It became clear I needed to finally know who I was dealing with. Who were these four families who were entrapping me to do their bidding?

I put on my black hooded sweater I had and started weaving my way to the house next door to me.

The sanders, a young married couple, maybe in their mid thirties, were sitting at the table. Melanie and Parker were deep in conversation. I couldnt make out what they were saying from the bush I was behind. But they seemed pretty deep into their talk.

Then Parker stood up, and he was wearing an apron. Well it seems like there was nothing here to see.

“Maybe I am just imagining the whole thing?” I thought. “This seems like a normal couple, he is cooking for his wife….”

I stopped mid self talking.

Parker was yelling again, and lifted his hand, which was in a yellow rubber kitchen glove, brandishing a hunting knife that looked unnaturally large. And it was dripping.

Melanie stood up, and she too was in an apron.

Upon closer inspection they were covered in blood.

I had to get closer, this had to not be what it was looking like. Both Parker and Melanie walked to the left into another room. Then a light close to the ground turned on.

A basement.

I could just see a pair of legs, followed by another descending the stair case.

I moved closer and laid on the ground to peer into the 12 inch tall window.

“If he doesnt, we will just need to take care of him like the Willners.”

“Parker, Steven doesnt want this getting out of hand. The Willners disappearing almost totally brought the law down on our street. We got lucky. If another goes missing, from the same house, that will become suspicious. And people will begin to dig.”


I craned my neck to see what Parker was talking about and instantly wished I hadnt.

There lying on the ground was a woman. Beaten and bloody. She was barely moving.Parker had her by the hair, and was holding the knife out toward Melanie in an open palm.

“Oh, honey I had the last one, this one is yours.”

“Its okay Melanie. I want you to be happy, take her as well.”

Melanie smiled and reached out for the knife. Her face went extremely dark. and she looked down to the woman. The womans eyes sprang open, and Parker tightened his hold on her hair.

Melanie lifted the knife over her head, grabbed it in the other hand as well and swung it down, driving deep into its victim.

Blood and gore splattered over the room over the next few minutes. I continued to watch, and then the conversation began again between the two.

“Kevin will do whats right.” Parker said, cleaning his face with a red towel.

“He better, we cant deal with something happening. If any police come, they will immediately begin an investigation into everyone. They will see we are not the Sanders.”

“I know honey, and our… I mean, everyone‘s fun will be over.”

“There is something about Kevin though, I cant…”

It was of course that moment, I was craning my neck to see into the basement when I slipped and cracked my head on the screen covering the open window, sending it crashing to the floor in the basement.

“Shit” i sighed, at the same time Melanie and Parker instantly burst toward the door, with their bloody aprons looking like the most evil prom dresses ever worn. They bounced up the stairs two at a time, and I barely had a chance to get to my feet before they came barolling out of the back door and was almost inhumanly on me too fast.

They looked at me.

“MMM-Hmm What do we have here?”

“Parker, that is so cliche.”

“Yah, i guess. So Kevin, see anything interresting?” he stopped and looked at Melanie again, “Boy there is almost nothing I can say right now without it sounding cliche, man horror films are making catch phrases so damn hard now.”

I stood up and faced Parker.

“No Parker,” I said. I saw the glint of the huge slab of metal called a hunting knife in the light of the window above. “Actually I see nothing at all interresting.”

Parker looked surprised, and then looked to Melanie.

They began laughing.

Before either of them could even realize what was happening, I reached out with my left hand, grabbed Parkers hand holding the knife, and swung it straight upwards, catching him in the soft part under his chin. The knife sunk deep, and a crack was felt as it broke through bone, then again. The tip protruded out of the top of his head in a bloody and chunky mess.

I let go, and turned slightly, reaching out with my right hand, grabbing the handle of the knife, and turned clockwise, pulling the knife out, and rotating the bladed end at the same time, until the tip made contact with, and almost instantly deeply sunk into the right temple of Melanie. The knife didnt stop moving inwards until the hilt made contact with her head.

I let go of the knife. and both Melanie and Parker dropped to their knees, and then onto the ground. Only Parker managed a small gurgle through his mouth, before he face planted onto the bark dust surrounding a dead rose bush.

I peered around to be sure no one else had seen what had happened, and then bent down and began pulling both of them back into the house.

After settling them into a dining room, I began looking for the door to the basement, and quickly found it. I descended the stairs, not expecting to find anyone alive after what I witnessed.

The woman, maybe in her fourties lie in a enlarging pool of crimson, motionless.

There were gruesome utensels everywhere throughout the room. Bondage contraptions, gags and torture devices. There was a small rolling table with syringes on it as well, with God knows what in them. Many were empty, tossed onto the table haphazzardly.

There were three other bodies tossed into a corner in the back.

I made my way to them, not expecting any signs of life, and was right. The bodies had been tortured and slaughtered. Knife wounds, cuts, bruises and so much more covered their naked bodies. Then they were tossed here in a pile in the corner of the basement like trash.

I made my way back upstairs to look around.

“What did they mean with ‚took care of the Willners?‘” I asked, as I pulled the hunting knife out of Melanies head, wiping it on her blouse and apron.

Kevin, it means they must have killed them.

“Is that whos bones are buried in my yard?”

Looks that way buddy.

“Damn. So what is this, like some sort of a comune of killers or something?”

It could be, some times like minded people find each other. Bonnie and Clyde, Butch and Sundance. This could just like that, but on an even bigger scale.

“Damn. they‘re probably going to come after me now.”

Well bub, you made the bed with those two ass hats, now you got to deal with all the bed bugs.


What if you go after them first? It could easily be seen as self defense.

“Yah, but I want to be sure they are all in on it. I dont want to hurt innocent people here.”

Then head over to the Johnsons and see what they have in their closet. I would guess there is skeleton in each one they have, along with a leg, arm, maybe even a head.

“But they have the kid, I am sure Hunter is not a part of this.”

Theres only one way to be sure Rambo. Head over and spy a bit.

“Guess I need to.”

And by the way Kevin, Take me with you, you may need a weapon.

-4 The Johnsons-

Lots of cover. That was the good thing. There were a ton of bushes growing between the Sanders place and the Johnsons. They were just wild feed-off from the wooded area behind each house.

I was almost not shocked to see all the lights in the house still on. It was as if they were illuminating every corner of the house to keep a vampire or something at bay. Or, they just didnt care about anything. Or rather, I would guess, Hunter was just too lazy to turn them off.

I crept over to the glass sliding door on the back of the house.

Looking in to see the family sitting in the living room, off to the left, watching a late night talk show host. Hunter had become restless.

“Dad, I want to go down and check on her.” Hunter said, standing up from his spot on the couch, where he had just had one leg hanging over one armrest, and his head on the opposite.

“Yah, see if she is being quiet. But nothing more this time Hunter!”

Hunter laughed

“I am serious Hunter. If you get some DNA on or in her we will all be screwed.”

Hunter sighed.

“And If I use a rubber?”

“HUNTER!” Patricia yelled. You heard your dad!

Great. I guess they were all in on it as well. Slowly I was starting to think that the entire neighborhood actually was a murder community.

What the hell have I gotten myself into? Dang. I swear, and I have said this a million times, It seems like if I didnt have bad luck, I would have no luck at all.

This is like stepping in a pile of shit, and then, when you complain about it, holding your foot to look at it while bitching about the fecal smear on your shoe, you trip and fall into a pit of cow manure. You are able to roll out screaming and then slip into a mound of elephant poo only to jump out into a puddle of its pee.

This is the literal rock and a hard place. If I leave I am sure the person they are talking about will be killed. and if the Johnsons have a victim and the Sanders had four, how many more are there in the other houses? Do they all have a victim in their grasps?

“Ok, well I am gonna check then.”

“Hunter, nothing else!”

“Ok, Dad.”

“Promise me, I mean it.”

“I promise.” He stomped off, pouting the whole way.

I kept my eye on him, to see where he was going to go, that would also be my first stop. I need to try to rescue whoever they have in the house. This had to stop and tonight.

Their first mistake was trying to frame me for something I didnt do. The second mistake, well that will come up later. But now they want me to be complacent to what it is they want. Well Kevin doesnt play like that. I have my own rules, and their rules are not on my list of priorities. In fact none of these people are.

Hunter stopped just past the kitchen and opened a door, going to what I think is the basement. I looked left and right, as their house was slightly higher than the rest. Meaning that there may be a basement door somewhere on the side.

And there it was, near the driveway, a door. But what are the chances it was open? I was guessing none.

Still with the hope that I would have good luck, I wound my way through and past the bushes and reached out for the door handle.

Immediately I recoiled and went backward into a bush to hide when the handle of the door turned, and the door swung open in my direction.

Hunter stepped out, and put a cigarette up to his mouth, and lit it. The door closed behind him. I could smell the musty smell of marijuana, the pungent oder unmistakable.

“DNA… PFFT.” Hunter said as he blew out a large puff of smoke. “I am careful. Besides there wont be enough left of her to get DNA.”

He took another huge drag on his joint. If he turned ninety degrees to his right he would unmistakenly see me crouching there in the bush watching him. But the boy was just mumbling to himself, and playing with himself over his jogging pants with his other hand.

“Screw them, what do they know?”

I realized this was a perfect time to spring.

I jumped out, holding the blade in my hand, grabbing Hunters head by placing my hand over his mouth with my left hand and pulling it back to my chest, exposing his neck. I placed the knife blade up against his throat, and leaned in close to his ear.

“Listen you little shit, take me into the house to wherever you have that girl.”

Hunter was rightfully surprised, and then realized who i was and relaxed.

“hrrmmmmph” he said under my hand.

“What?” I asked, removing my hand slowly.

“Fuck you dude. What are you gonna do?”

“Hunter, i just paid visit to the Sanders, and they will not be going on any vacations for… Well, eternity. They are both in their kitchen rotting on the floor.”

I showed him the knife, and he seemed to recognize it immediately.

“Holy shit.”

I placed my hand back over his mouth again, twisted his whole body to face the door, and tightened the knife onto his throat.


He opened the door and we entereds the garage. Adams brand new Mustang was sitting there with the top down. The dude was going through some sort of a mid life crysis. The beat up old Station wagon parked next to it was a stark contrast.

We wound to the front of the cars, and entered a door. It was a hall, that was dimly lit with a red light bulb. I could see the stairs to the right where Hunter had come down. Straight ahead was a single door. It had about 6 locks on it and looked like it was made of a heavy wood.

“Open it.” I said into his ear.

He reached out and started unclasping and rotating locks. Eventually he turned the knob and elbowed the door, and it heavily opened, slowly.

Inside a light illuminated a single room, that was made of concrete. On the opposite side a single concrete slab had a matress on it, and a woman lay unconscious on it.

She was chained down. There were loops on the slab and a chain was attached to each, and then to the wrists and legs of the woman. Her neck also had a chain holding it in place. Another rolling table was sitting near by, and there were empty needles all over the floor.

“God damn” I said holding back my emotions when I saw her naked and battered body lying there.

“There” I said, pointing next to the woman on the ground. “On your ass!”

There was a strap on the table, and I took it and used it to tie his hands, feeding it through the loop holding the womans left arm in place. I found another strap near the door in a pile. They had enough chains and straps for around five people should they want. Looking around the room I noticed there were loops about every three feet on the walls.

The floor, concrete, was stained. The smell in the room was almost unbearable. It had a smell like three month old urine and feces, mixed with the metalic tinge of blood. There was a single fan in the celing which must be blowing the smell out of the house.

I strapped Hunters legs together.

“Now, I will open the door, call your dad, and get him down here, tell him you need help.”

“Your dead meat dude.” hunter said. “He is going to gut you so fast.”

“Just do it.”

I went over to the door, and opened it.

Hunter refused. I went over and placed the knife on his throat, and dragged it about one inch, cutting his skin, and causing a large amount of blood to start running down his neck,

“Ok, ok, ok… DAD! I need help down here, she woke up!”

Hunter was looking at me the entire time. He must have seen something evil in me, he began turning sheet white.

“God damn it Hunter, Were you screwing her again? I told you not to.” Adam said in the distance. “Be right there.”

We could hear the door upstairs open. I pushed the door to the room closed enough so he wouldnt see hunter when he came down the hall, and I hid just to the right of the door.

“What the hell is going on?” Adam said and he pushed open the door.

His expressíon quickly turned to confusion when he saw Hunter on the ground tied up.

Hunter was quickly looking at me, and Adam.

I sprung into action. I brought the knife up, holding the handle, so the blade was on the bottom of my arm, in a military style for knife fighting.

Adam was quick. As I came out with my right arm, in almost a punching motion, but rotating my wrist just enough to bring the blade out to slash Adams throat, He reached up with both forearms, and blocked the blades attempt to cut his throat.

both arms exploded in blood as the knigh cut the forearm right between the wrist and elbow, but that didnt stop Adam from reaching out to grab my collar, and bring me closer into him, to try to put me in a bloody strangle hold.

I quickly reacted, and swung down and stabbed him directly in his upper thigh.

His choke hold instantly released, and he buckled over. I pulled the blade out, and spun counter clockwise, blood spraying off the end of the blade as I brought it up.

Within one second, I slammed the knife down into the back of his neck. The front of his neck exploded when the massive blade came out, and sinue and bone came spilling onto the floor mixed with the massive ammounts of blood that started spraying out of the hole as I twisted the knife counter clockwise in the wound.

I held onto the knife as he fell, pulling it from his neck as he did.

Hunter was now ghostly white starting at me.

“I still dont know what to do with your sick ass.” I said, pulling Adam away from the door. “Now your mom.”

“But… But… But…”

“Does she know about all this?” I asked swinging the bloody knife around splattering the walls and Hunters face with Adams blood. Adam lie on the floor, grabbing the hole that was his neck, He would die from blood loss first, but he was cloking on his blood as he was dying, which, obviously was making Hunter sick.

“Yah.” he said very timidly.

“Then call her ass!”

“MOOOOM! Dad needs your help”

I took up my place again and pushed the door closed.

Patricia came down, but holding a gun.

Damn it. really? A Gun?

I guess she had heard the skuffle, and gotten the gun before Hunter called. She slowly came into the room, I reached out with my left arm to grab her arms, which were outstretched holding the pistol. I bent my left arm downward to pin both of her arms close to my body, the gun was now aimed behind me by doing this.

I then brought my right arm in the same swinging motion, aiming for her throat and made contact. The knife easily cut deep into her throat, and at the same time it did, a spray of high pressure blood sprayed me in the face.

Then the gun went off. Patricia must have reflexively pulled the trigger when the knife began cutting.

She started to go limp as I held her arms still. Another shot went off. Then as she stared in my eyes, trying to say something but nothing coming out, she collapsed onto the floor.

I turned around to consider what to do with Hunter, when I saw that he was dead. A single gun shot had hit him just above his left eye, and blood and brain was sprayed on the wall and woman behind him.

“Well, I guess your mom knew what to do with you.”

what are you going to do with her? I thought as I looked at the woman still passed out on the table.

“I dont know, I should leave her here, and then come back later when this is over.”

Yah she is still out of it. she would slow you down, where would we put her anyway.

“ok, so now, off to the Munoz house, Surely they are not in on this. Daniel seems like a stand up dude.”

Well if he is, then just do the same with him as you did with these assholes.

„Yah, guess you‘re right.“

-5 The Munoz’-

This trip was not so easy to make. I needed to pass the Tailor house. Not knowing where they were, or better yet, where the Satanic Snoopy was lying in wait. If he wasnt chained in, he could actually be anywhere and often times he would sleep on the front door mat.

This was a good 100 yards I needed to cross the open street. The munoz house was directly across the street from my house.

That in mind I decided to go back to my place, and cross the street there. It would be more direct, and the Tailor house would not come into play. Just the odd chance that the “rabid Fido” was walking around worried me.

Looking left and right at the street showed that the coast was clear. I crossed with ease to the front lawn of Daniel, and then a short sprint and I was behind a rodedendron bush. There was no window here,, it was the side of the garage. I just wanted to make sure no one saw me creepiung around.

The garage suddenly began to open.

I ducked lower. I heard daniel coming into the garage, talking with his wife Anette.

“Naw Ann, He wouldnt go that far, not after we got rid of the Willners and the law almost came down on us.”

“Are you sure, Dan, or are you letting your friendship talk for you?”

I heard the trunk of his car open.

“Hand me the bag with the head and arms. I dont, and you know that. He is the reason we all live here Ann.”

“But Daniel, Steven is getting out of control. He is taking more and more women off the street and expecting us to take care of them. Getting rid of the Willners was the worst thing he could have done. We saw, after we went in to make it look like they left, they were about to move anyway.”

“Yah, that was a shame. I actually liked Peter.”

I heard something drop into the car.

“Damn it, Ann get me another bag, there is blood dripping from this one. I just reappolstered the trunk.”

Damn it. Can this day get any worse? I have been constantly on the go now for over an hour. Its almost twelve fifteen now. I am tired. My face is sticky with, and my black hoodie is starting to smell of that metalic pang of, blood

But here I was, crouching down next to a bush outside Daniels house.

I stood up and held the knife again with the blade goin up my arm, so if needed I could quickly attack, but it wouldnt be immediately visible from the front.

I circled around the front of the garage and stood there.

The trunk on the Chevy Suburban was open, and I could see Daniel moving around inside.

“Hi Daniel.” I said.



“What you doing here dude? its not really a good time.”

“I need to know Daniel, How long?”


“How long?”

Daniel climbed out and came around the truck. He then stood about a yard away from me.

“How long what?”

“The killing Daniel. How long has it been going on?”

He laughed and wiped his finger under his nose. like it was dripping.

“Well, how did you find out about tha… You know what? It doesnt matter.”

He looked at the ground like he was thinking what to say, then looked up and right at me.

The door to the garage opened, and Annette came out, holding a new trash bag in her hands, cracking it open. She stopped immediately when she saw me.

“We’ve known Steven over 15 years. Actually Me, Anette and Steven were in college together. We all had this kind of need. Its actually what brought us together.

“We were at one of the twelve step programs, and started talking together. We saw slowly that we all had this darkness in us that was, well hard to satisfy.

“We began to experiment. We liked it.”

Anette was reaching for something next to her in the back of the garage. And I heard the unmistakable sound of a wooden baseball bat dragging on the ground. She then started coming to the front of the suburban on the opposite side.

“Steven started his company, and invited us to join him. Then he bought the four houses on this block. Boom, just like that he bought out four families. And we began to settle.

“The internet really helped bring more people like us together. Who would have thought that things like Craigslist and facebook could unite people around the globe who all in their own way need to itch that scratch? The Johnsons came shortly after. Right before you moved in, the Sanders came. Such a cute young couple. Steven actually sold them that house for one dollar. He saw something in them, which I can see. But they seem too eager.“

I thought of the two lying on the kitchen floor of their house.

“But there was one problem. The Willners refused. We didnt know why. Steven offered several million for the house. HA HA, that was way above market value. But they refused. We needed the culdesac. We needed the last house. Strength in numbers you know?

I was aware that Anette and him were starting to slowly close the gap on me. But I was fine with that. I was better in close quarters than most people. It is amazing what a person in a war zone can find out about themselves when they are forced to react.

Oh, didnt I say that yet? Yah, I was in the Army for almost 20 years. I was in Iraq and Afghanistan with the special forces. But, this is something allot of people dont know about me. I dont project it, and the sloppy clothes I wear tend to hide my physique a bit.

“But go figure, We took care of the willners but they had already sold off the house to another person, You! So we had actually killed them for no reason. I knew that Peret hated Steven. HA HA; boy was Steven pissed off when he heard that. He went on a rampage when he realized Pete would rather sell to someone else than take Stevens millions. HA HA”

“That is them in my yard?”

“Yah, funny. After you left yesterday, Steven had the idea to bury the bones, which he‘d actually been storing in his shed, in your yard, to force you to sell off. It would start with you following our rules, then forcing you to want to leave and sell the house to him.”

“How many?”

“Naw buddy, question time‘s over. Now we will need to just destroy the house after we do the same to you. I‘m thinking fire would work.”

I saw that Anette had brought the bat up over her shoulder to attack. I was measuring the best way to attack. Since Daniel was weaponless, Anette would need to attack first, trying to sedate me, so that Daniel could then get a weapon and kill me. I mean… It is what I would do if I were them.

There it was, The shoulder of Anette slightly flintched, and began to tense slightly. The attack was imminent. I had already planed out my moves. Now to see if it works.

It was quick. Anette began her swing. Daniel was just out of the reach of the bat. So I grabbed his arm, and pulled him quickly toward me, the jolt knocked him off ballance and he came forward in my direction. The bat was in full swing now, and like a flash I dropped to my knees.

I looked up just in time to see the bat make contact with Daniels face. The crack was gory. There was that telltale baseball bat hit, like a grandslam at a ballpark and the cracking of bones at the same time.

I Quickly hopped back up to my feet. Daniels head was snapping backwards, and he was fully off the floor now flying toward the back of the Suburban.

Anette was looking shocked by how fast it had happened. Her face was showing terror of what she had just done. She had just homeruned her husbands face.

I quickly brought the knife to bear, and slashed across her throat, then reversed the motion, turning my wrist slowly, and shoved the knife under her jaw, and into her brain.

She fell to the ground in a heap. Not a word uttered, dead before she was able to drop the bat.

Daniel lay near the back of the Suburban, groaning on the ground. His nose and mouth had exploded in a crimson shower with the impact of the bat. his nose lay flat against his face on the right side. A river of blood pouring from both nostrols.

“FUUT JHU MANN” he uttered between his fingers while spitting to the ground. A tooth was in his palm. “God damn bitch fukked my face up!”

“How many, Daniel?” I calmly asked him, as I placed my knee hard onto his chest, making him cough out more blood from his mouth.

“Maybe one hundred, maybe two…”

At that moment the door to the garage opened. But this time Daniels ninteen year old son, David, came strolling out.

“Fucking Kill this asshole David!” Daniel yelled.

David grabbed at an aluminum bat in a bucket near the door and came my way. I stabbed the knife into Daniels leg. “Stay there.” I said as I stood up.

I rotated the knife in my hand to the fighting hold, but David looked like he knew what he was doing. He made sure he remained just out of my reach.

He swung the bat, I jumped back and it missed my chin by a couple beard hairs.

I reacted, and moved forward. David grabbed the upper portion of the bat, and held it in a defensive stance. I went forward with a swing, he blocked it with a left perry.

We rotated around each other waiting for an opening, A jab forward with the bat, a swing with the knife, each being blocked by the other.

It seemed to be a stalemate. Neither person trying to straight-out overpower the other.

“Damn it David,” Daniel yelled from the floor as he held his leg, which was bleading onto the ground, “Kill this fuckhead!”

We both took turns stepping over the body of Anette, each time we did, I could see the anger in Davids face flare. He was determined to overpower me, as much as I was of him. But neither of us made a huge move, rather waiting for the other, so we could better counter the attack, giving us the upper hand.

Holding both ends of the bat, David again made a lunge at the same time as I did.

Now I know in books they discuss how they saw a flash, or heard the crack of a hit, but to be honest, I am a bit of a bad ass, and I have never been hit that hard… Till now.

The middle of the bat made contact with the bridge of my nose. But some how we both made contact with each other at the same time. My knife swept deep over his upper left arm and then made a deep laceration to his left cheak. It started just under his ear, and ended right before the middle of his nose.

However, his better placed jab had caught me right where I would then see the white/Red flash in my eyes, as the bridge of my nose made a sickening “Crack” as it broke. I lost a bit of ballance, and it was that exact moment David decided to attack full force.

I took two steps back. David readjusted his stance, and grabbed the bat as if he was Babe Ruth waiting for the pitch to knock out of the park.

He swung, and I placed my arms up in front of my face in a defensive stance, but his aim was at the middle of my chest instead.

The wind was knocked out of me, and I gasped as at least one of my ribs snapped under the impact. I stumbled backwards, and onto the ground. My head was out in the darkness of the driveway, my body was just inside of the light eminating from the garage.

David came and straddled my body, and stood over me.

“Thats it, fucking cave that assholes head in!” Daniel screamed.

David Stood over me. He raised the bat over his head, looking down at me. His face flush with rage, and this look of crazy I can only discribe as a Wylie Coyote level of Insanity and determination. I was about to get bested by a kid who had gotten in a lucky hit, this was not looking good.

Through a blurred and teary eyed vision, I saw his chest tighten, his arms raise and I waited for the deafening clunk of my head exploding under the weight of his swing.

But oddly the next thing I heard was a ‘Jingle’ sound

It was fast, ‘Jingle, jingle, jingle…’ In my daze, Santa Clause entered my mind. But then I realized it was July and Santa isnt real.

Then the sound was suddenly gone, at that that exact moment Daniel yelled “What the hell?”

In front of my eyes there was a dark flash, coming from above my head, out of the darkness, and impacting with David mid level, knocking him backwards into the garage. I heard the sound of a metal baseball bat skittering across the floor.

I mean, the first thought to cross my head was Santa Clause had actually comitted a hit and run with David. Then I thought, for some reason, he was hit by a cannon ball. I don’t know where that one came from, I think I was slightly in shock from having a couple bones within a couple seconds broken.

I then heard the sound of growling.

Getting up to my elbows, I Looked into the garage to see david and Tiny rolling on the ground. David was struggling to keep Tiny off of his neck. His fore arms, face and neck were covered with blood. Tiny was ferociously growling and biting and swinging his face back and forth ripping large chunks of flesh off of Davids arms and cheeks.

I continued standing up, surprised that Tiny would ever come to my aide. I looked down as David tried to push Tiny away, while his mouth was covering his throat. David was frantically trying to get his fingers into Tiny‘s mouth to pry his jaws apart. A sickening gurgling sound was coming out of his mouth as he tried to scream. Then the sound of cracking, ripping and a red bloody mess started expanding under him as he continued to try to get the dog off of him.

I reached down and grabbed the bat, looking back to Daniel on the floor. I let the bat drag on the ground, and held my left ribs with my left arm as I walked over to Daniel. The sound of the metal bat dragging on the ground, with the gory tearing and growling in the background from Tiny could send chills up the spine of the calmest person in the world.


‚Dragggggg‘ with each forward step.

I know it was exactly like something seen in a million horror films, or action films, but you should have seen his face go ghost white as I slowly walked to him.

He kept trying to push himself backwards with his arms and legs, but each time, you could see the pain on his face as he realized his leg hurt to much to push his large weight.

“Wait, wait man…” he stuttered, “Lets work something out… Shit!” he said as he looked and saw Tiny shaking his head back and forth ripping another chunk of Davids neck out. “let me go man, I will help you. Its Steven man! He is the one you want man! not me, I swear.”

I couldnt help myself as i took the last couple steps, I started to smile as I brought the bat up and placed it on my right shoulder as if I was in the batting box waiting to get onto the field.

Daniels eyes just went wide.

“I, I, I , Ill tell you everything man. J, J, J, Just let me talk man, lemme talk!”

“Ok, so start talking!”

Tiny came over and sat on the ground next to me. His face was a bloody mess, and his toung was hanging out the left side of his mouth, a drip of spit and blood falling onto the ground next to his left paw.

Ok, now after all the shit I talk about this mutt, Maybe he kept coming over to my house because he liked me. But then again, maybe he just hated David. I looked at his body on the ground, I mean really hated David. But whatever it was, here was this massive hairy dog named Tiny sitting next to me, waiting to see what the next move from me would be.

Or was he measuring me up for desert?

Daniel on the other hand, seeing reminants of his sons neck on the dogs face, was allot more talkative, as he looked from the dog to me. As if I had the ability to tell Tiny what to do.

As if to agree with my thoughts, Tiny looked up at me, toung hanging and his tail wagging on the floor, cleaning a small swatch of concrete from dust.

„so… Talk.“ I said, looking at Tiny.

„Steven man, he had set this all up like I said. He and Crista! I swear man. Those two are bad news.“

He was bleeding badly from his leg.

„I think you hit the artery, man, help me, man, cmmon!“

„I don‘t get you at all. None of you! I mean, you just saw me and the dog literally destroy your family. I Shishkabobbed your wifes head on my knife, and Tiny…“ I looked again at Davids body, and Tiny hearing his name, looked up at me with a happily wagging tail, and a gory face, „Well Tiny turned David into pulled pork. But you dont seem to care at all!“

I stepped forward, looked down at Daniel. I was right beside him, as he held his leg, a pool of blood quickly pooling on the floor.

I placed my foot on his leg, right where I had stabbed him, and pressed down. He grunted in pain.

„In fact, you pleaded me to help you, and thats what I am going to do.“

„Yah man!“ He yelled, „Please dont kill me.“

I Lifted the baseball bat from my shoulder, and contemplated it one last time.

„One last question. How many times did you hear exactly that from all the people you killed?“

His eyes got big as I raised the bat.

„Oh shit…“

‚The crowd goes wild! Its going, going, going… It‘s GONE!‘

I looked at Tiny

‚Is the dog actually attached to you somehow? He seems to be just waiting for your next move.‘

„Yah, I dont know“ I said, as Tiny stood up, tail wagging overly hyper. So much so his entire butt was moving back and forth.

‚Well its not just you and I any more I think.“

„Well I dont really need a dog, but he did save my ass, and he does seem to like me.“ I reached down and ran my blood covered hand through his blood covered fur on his head.

‚Ok, only one more stop left. Next door. This is the big boss at the end of the game man. Are you ready?‘

„I need to psych up a bit, but yah, lets do this.“

-6 The Tailors-

It was as we were sneaking over to the Tailor house did I realize what the jingle noise was I heard when I was about to get head cheesed on the floor.

On Tiny‘s colar a bit of chain was still attached to the loop of his collar. The brute of a dog must have broken the chain and gotten out of the yard. It was dangling and swinging left and right as he trodded beside me to the house next door.

I reached down and freed him of his unwanted jewlery, and we continued. The thought of a Santa Hit-and-Run made me giggle a bit. How was that one of the first things I thought of as I heard the sound?

As I approached the house, it became clear that the scuffel at the Munoz house was heard. Which I guess doesnt surprise me much. I mean between the baseball bats hitting the floor and the screaming, if it wasnt heard someone would need to be very deaf.

The curtain on the side of the house moved. Someone had been looking at my approach in the darkened house. They knew where I was, and had the upper hand in the situation.

I measured the space between us and the house, there was maybe another 30 feet. It was dark, and I had to cut to the right to go to the back yard, or the left to go to the front.

Damn it, with them knowing where I am and which way I was going, I had to plan my own battle ground.

Luckily there were no neighbors behind the tailor house, just woods. But they did have a large back yard, that seemed pretty well lit at the moment.

Then I needed to think guns. In the Johnson house the worry about gun fire wasnt so great, as the shots were done in the cellar with the concrete walls. They muffled the sounds inside to the outside world.

But a gun shot here, In the suburbs would resonate through houses for several blocks. This would bring in unwanted attention.

No the back yard was far too risky. I had now only one choice.

I started moving left when I heard a voice yell out, „Tiiiiiny, cm‘mere boy!“

Tiny looked up at me as we kept walking foward. He was ignoring J.T.‘s cries.watching intently what I was doing. „Cm‘mon you stupid fucking mutt!“

I saw J.T. come out from around the landing in front of the front door. He was standing there, cocky as always. He was back lit from the driveway lamp from the end of their driveway. He was standing there with what looked like a pistol in his hand. He was motioning to Tiny by smacking his left hand on his thigh.

„Come on you shitty dog! What the fuck did you do to my dog, you geriatric asshole?“

„Ok, that was just rude, I am 36.“ I said as I kept walking toward him. „I didn‘t do anything. I think maybe he is just done with your bull shit.“

„Fuck you dude!“ he said, raising the gun. „I told dad you wouldnt listen to that bull shit today. He thinks he can convince you to skip town.“

I was close to him now. I kept walking forward slowly even as he pointed the pistol at me. I looked left and Tiny had backed off. I guess he is well aware what a gun is, and he was shying away from it.

„So what? You doing your dads shit work now?“ I asked.

„I said I would just take care of you once and for all.“

„So what now?“

„What did you do with Dave and Hunter?“

I Slowed my pace, not to excite him too much to just pull the trigger. „Well, Hunter was taken out by his mom, and David will be getting shit out some time tomorrow on your front yard.“

„What? What the fuck you talking about?“

About four feet now. The gun was pointed right at my head. I stopped. If I wanted I could reach out and grab it, but dared not in case the sudden movement made him pull the trigger.

The silver barrel was gleaming in the moon light. It was a revolver, I know this is stupid information. But it makes sense later in the grand scheme of things. It was a thirty eight snub nose. Definitely a present from his parents for excelling at being an assholle, or something like that.

„Wheres my fucking dog man?“

Surprised I looked around and didnt see Tiny anywhere. I was biding my time so I could assess how J.T. was standing and my best course of action was. I could swing my arm up, and try to smack the gun enough to make it miss when it fired. But the chances of that working were slim, as I was not sure I could quickly enough move before he could pull the trigger.

I could try to dodge left or right, but then still the reaction time for me was much slower than his.

There was a rustling to my right, a window opened and a mans voice called out-

„Just fuckign do it J.T.!“

J.T. Turned to address Steven, „Chill out old man! I got this!“

At that exact moment a brown flash flew up at a full sprint and grabbed J.T.‘s arm and Tiny and he fell to the ground. What happened next I had just witnessed minutes prior, what was impoirtant now was getting the gun and continuing the move.

The screamng from J.T. was almost unbearable. But remembering how much of an asshole he was helped me ignore it. He had dropped the gun, and it was lying just outside his reach, as he and Tiny rolled on the ground.

I scooped the gun up and made a dash for the front door. I was expecting it to be closed. But oddly enough it stood wide open. Darker than a witches soul inside, but it was open.

I knew somewhere to the back of the house Steven had been yelling to us through a window. He must be somewhere in the nearby vicinity.

As I stepped in, the darkness swallowed me whole like the worm at the bottom of a tequila bottle. To my immediate front was a hall heading to the back of the house and just left of it a set of stairs ascending to the second floor. To my left was a archway to what i think is the living room or family room. Not sure. And a closed door to the right.

I slowly entered the house, listening for any sounds of movement.

There was a slow creak from upstairs. Ticking of a clock somewhere to my left. The sound of a television on somewhere either upstairs or down, I wasnt sure. What I think were bubbles in an aquarium. Damn the house was loud and alive with sounds.

I brought the gun to the ready positon. Both hands holding it, With the barrel pointung up near the right side of my face. I had placed the knife in the back of my belt.

I wasnt worried about staining my hoodie or pants any more with blood. I could tell they were soaked in it already. Both my own and others. My hands were sticky, so too was my face, both completely covered in blood.

I slowly made my way deeper into the house. I approached the stair way, and peared up it as I continued down the hall. Nothing was moving, and there was nothing to see. I shouldnt have, but I ignored the closed door to my right. Thats how she got the drop on me. She must have nopt closed the door all the way and was just waiting just inside for me to walk into the house.

She opened the door quickly as I was within a foot of it, and she bolted out. I had no time to react with the gun to this close quarter dame.

She had me in a football tackle, and launched me to my left, into the banister to the stairs. We tumbled to the floor, the gun coming out of my sticky grip. She began heavily hitting me in the face, I grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her backwards. She was a petite woman and light, but her power was amazing. Each of her hits brought flashes to my eyes, and pain shooting through my nerves.

She used the momentum of my shove to backpettal to her feet. At the same time I quickly shuffled to my feet as well. She was standing in a boxing pose just a foot or two from me. Bouncing on her feet. She stood maybe to my breasts. She was definitely not a large woman.

With cat like agility she stepped forward and swung her right fist towards my face. I tried to block, but damn she was fast. All I did was sucessfully block her aim at my mouth, and help her make contact with the bridge of my nose. I felt the ringing pain explode unter the skin, and almost immediately blood poured out like someone turned on a faucet.

I stumbled backwards, slightly buckled at the waist, and my left hand went to the floor. My right hand held my nose.

Now this was an amating ruse. She began laughing. When I started standing up, she made her move. She lunged right for me. It is exactly what I would have done. Dont let the target have the opportunity to get their footing. But like I said this was a ruse.

She didn‘t hear the report until too late if she heard it at all.

The side of her head exploded on her left temple. The bullet had entered her head right above her left eye. It traveled through her brain and exited the back of her head. The entire side of her head had almost exploded under the sudden pressure. Bone and brain sprayed backwards onto the wall and floor of the hall.

She continues moving forward and then tumbled onto the floor, face first. Dead before the bullet had even exited her cranium.


From somewhere downstairs a womans voice was screaming out. I followed the noise into what was the kitchen and dining room at the end of the hall, and there was a door to the left which I opened. The stairs went downward, and were lit lightly from a light deep in the basement.

„Fucking do it again!“ I heard steven yell, his voice was shaking.

„HEEELLLP!“ It repeated. It was a womans voice. She sounded truly terrified. I could only imagine what was happening to her.

The problem is tha the stairs were the only way down. And him knowing the layout knew where he could lay in wait. But damn it, what choice do i got.

I Rotated the drum of the pistol out and noticed there were only two bullets left. J.T. was too cheap to buy bullets for his pistol, or he just loaded three fast into the chambers right when I came over from the Munoz house. Which after seeing what these people were up to, was the option I chose.

‚So, can I get into the action a bit here?‘

„We will see what Steven does.“

‚You know he is waiting for ya, right?‘

„Well I would be, thats for sure. He has the massive advantage right now.“

‚Yah, but you got me!‘

„Ok,“ I rotated the drum closed, and pulled the hammer back on the pistol, „Lets fucking do this.“

I took the stairs slowly. I bent over to try to crain my nack to look under the lip of the roof of the basement. Aiming the pistol with two shots left into the void.

„HA HA HA, Is that you Kev?“ He was laughing now.

„Yah, Steven.“

I continued my slow descent. Seven stairs left.

„I got ya something Kev. HA HA, You will love this!“

Four steps left. I could start to see the bottom of a door frame where the light was coming from. There were two sets of feet just inside of it. One set was bare foot, the other was wearing hiking boots, I think the Wallmart brand.

Three stairs.

Two stairs. And there he was, standing behind a naked woman. Holding her forehead to his shoulder. He had a large knife in his right hand, one that matched the one in the back of my belt, it was pressed hard into her throat. The blade had made several cuts that were bleeding.

She was crying, tears had wet her entire face, and were constantly dripping off her nose and jaw line. There was mascara that was creating dark trails down her face.

I kept the gun to my side, and just stared at the two. Steven had a huge smile on his hace.

„Hmmm, killed them both huh?“ He licked the side of the girls face, leaving a clear mark in her mascara. He seemed to enjoy it. She in turn flintched, and tried to pull back, but that only thrust her throat into the blade and new blood started to run down her neck.

„Well, they were useless shits any way. Serves them right for being weak.

„You Kevin have really fucked up my little culdesac of fun here. Are they all dead?“

I looked at him. I had moved forward enough to stand completely in the light flowing out of the room. It was another dungeon like the other. But there were plastic boxes in one corner with ‚X-mas Deco‘ marked on them.

The woman was shaking uncontrolably, both of her hands were tied somehow behind her back.

She was heavily bruised and there were multiple cuts and abrasions on her body. It looked as if someone had also removed one of her nipples recently. There was a mess of blood flowing down her right breast, down her leg to the floor.

She was looking at me with eyes begging for help, there were tears piled up on her bottom eye lid, and occasionally a tear would escape.

„Yah, got them all Steven. Mind telling me what the fuck is going on here?“ I said, raising both arms a little in a small shrug, as I twisted showing I was talking about everything.

„You probably know us as the Parkside Murders. Or the Rivers edge killer. We were also responsible for the 5th street murders. Those prostitutes who were all found dead last year. We have been enjoying our games now for seven years.

„I invited all the people in this neighborhood because we ALL love the same thing. Except for fucking you!“ He held the knife out and pointed it right at me, before placing it back to the womans neck.

„The willners fucking sold you the house instead of selling it to me. You have been here two years. Ignoring us, and not talking to us. I had no choice man!“

He was slowly moving backwards and in contrast I slowly moved forward to keep the distance between us the same.

„Ýou single handedly in one night derailed almost a full decade of people who enjoy an alternate lifestyle with each other.“ He started shaking and at the same time screamed, „WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!!?“

He stared, and I stared back. In a calm voice I simply responded.

„I am an ex Army Special forces operative. I served in Iraq and Afghanistan in a group that legally does not exist. I am highly trained in the art of murger and death. I got out of the military almost ten years ago, and found a man who wanted to sell his house to a vet out of appreciation to his service.

„He was the nicest guy I have ever met. He invited me into his home and I decided to use my Veterans benefits to purchase the house. He did say he had a troublesome neighbor who I should watch out for. But I knew I could take care of myself.“

I kept my voice super calm as I described what I kept talking. I was seeing how much it was really infuriating him.

„but then funnily, the man and his family all of a sudden disappeared a couple months before I moved in. I thought what the chances were that it was the same guy who was trying to coax him into selling his house for over ten times its worth. Really man? 3.5 million? Did you not think that would send up a million red flags?

„Now in my job I need to be ever vigilant looking out for signs of people around me who are challenging how I live. You my friend sent up not only a flag with the house offer but also the entire family disappearing that I had to act.

There was a noise behind me.

„The one thing you got wrong right now, was saying you were responsible for the deaths of the women on fifth street. Which is unfortunate. I knew those women. All of them.“

There was a squeek on the stairs to my rear.

Without hesitation I raised the gun and shot the woman in front of me in the abdomen, the bullet passed through her left kidney area, and penetrated then into Stevens stomach area. The two of them fell to the floor.

Withoug hesitation I rotated to the right and fired a round at the figure on the stairs. Hitting J.T. right between the eyes. He fell to the floor, in his hand he held a kitchen knife. He was badly cut and ripped apart. Large pieces of his face missing or hanging barely in place. The handy work of Tiny. I suddenly thought of the dog and hoped he was okay. Twice he had saved his life, and seeing J.T. here now was not a good sign.

The woman was lying on the floor, still in Stevens grasp, he was struggling to get his back to the wall, still holding her by the chin now. Together they were inching back.

I extended the hand with the gun in it and dropped it to the floor.

I then reached behind my back and pulled out the knife.

Steven was quickly raising the knife back to the girls throat.

„Go ahead Steven, I dont care about her.“

Her eyes quickly widened.

„I killed those girls on fifth street. Along with another twenty seven throughout the state in the last ten years. I have made a huge atempt to remain invisible. Not one of them was considered to be connected in any way. Each was condisered a random act. Yet you are messy, a bull rampaging through a glass house. You are careless and messy.

„I found out about you shortly after you began. All of you have made it harder for me to operate here. I have been stalking you and planning on taking you out slowly, to keep under the radar of the law. However you played my hand and this needed to happen.

„The best thing is, it is now all self defense. I will be a fucking hero you dumb shit.“

I slowly started walking forward. Steven was staring up at me. He was trembling.

I reached down and grabbed the womans hair, and yanked her from his grasp, she shrieked when I did. The knife in stevens hand leaving a cut across her neck when I did.

„Sorry sweety, unfortunately you know too much.“ I looked at steven. „Good thing you all seem to have the exact same knives here. So when I do this…“

I ran the blade of the knife across the womans throat, completely severing her larynx and arteries, only her spine holding her head in place. Blood sprayed across the room, and down onto steven on the floor.

„It will be easy to blame you for the deed and I will remain innocent in their eyes. I mean, look around, When the police come they will find four houses with dungeons in the cellar. For fucks sake Steven, Never bring work home!“

Steven was staring at the limp body of the woman I was still holding by the hair. I released her and she slumped to the floor.

„A fucking dungeon… What is this, the fucking inquisiton?“

‚Just let me end this Kevin, It will be quick.“

„Just a sec, it will be over soon.“

Steven looked at me confused. „What?“

„Not you, steven. Im just talking to… Well the knife actually.“ I held the knife out in front of me.

He looked at it.

„Im a monster, Your fucking insane kev. Let me go I wont tell anyone.“

I looked down to him.

„No, you wont tell anyone Steven.“ I knelt next to him. His stomach was bleeding, and the smell of bile was mixing with the smell of all the blood in the room. I had obviously hit him right in the stomach.

I placed the tip of the knife next to the temple of his head. „You are a pock on the life I enjoy Steven. A mark that dirties my love for what I do.“

„P. p. p. please dont.“ He said on the verge of tears.

„Shhhh.“ I said placing my hand over his mouth as I began pushing the knife into his temple. He tried to grab me by the throat, and was trying to scratch me on he face. I wanted him to damage my face. His nails were gouging swaths of flesh from my face. And I could imagine large bruises welling up on my throat.

I felt the pop of the bone break as I penetrated his skull. His eyes made contact with mine, and we looked into each others eyes as I slowly pushed the knife deeper into his head. The feel of the bone giving way under the sharp edge of my friend was truly exhilerating.

His eyes slowly began to roll back wards, and he was gone.

I took my hand of of his mouth and stood up.

-7 The Police-

I must admit my reaction and talk with the police was oscar worthy. I recounted that the neighbors had earlier threatened me with the bones in my yard, and when I went to the Sanders house, they attacked me.

I said I went door to door and the same thing happened one after the other. I couldnt call the police as I didnt have a cell phone, and I was locked out of my house. Which I had staged after the entire incident.

Tiny had come up to me afterwards. He was hurt, but not life threatening. I guess T.J. Had gotten a lucky hit in, and the dog ran off, thats when he came down the stairs to take me on. Tiny was not leaving my side.

One investigator asked me about the dog, I said he wastheirs, but I would take care of him, since he had saved my life twice.

The bruises and scrapes on my face from Steven solidified the last murder, as self defense in the eyes of the law.

No one trespasses on my fields without paying the price. Absolutely no one threatens me, ever.

In the course of the next year I was interviewed by about 500 magazines, newspapers and morning shows about the night. Every time I told the same story, making sure to just word it slightly differently each time to make it seem more like remembering the incident, and not having memorizes a statement about it. That could damn me in the long run. Especially if a cop sees that a year later I am using the same description with the press as I did with them. That would raise suspicians.

I am a professional. Well we are professional. Tiny is now my shotgun rider on the hunt.

Damn if the Tailors didnt train him well.

Thanks J.T. Now I dont look so crazy when I talk to the voice in my knife. Now they think I am talking to Tiny.

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