The Cul De Sac

By: Lance Goolsby 2019 - 1 No Bones about it - Where do I begin? Thats the toughest dilema for me right now. There is a very beginning of me, but do you, dear reader, want to hear it? I didn‘t think so. So there is a point I must figure out where to begin … Continue reading The Cul De Sac

My Army Cartoons and comics…

It is amazing to me, that even outside the realm of the army, almost 20 years to the date later, these comics are still being read, and liked. I did them on my own time, mostly when we were out in the "Field" doing our movement exercises, or training how to more efficiently kill someone. … Continue reading My Army Cartoons and comics…

Deaths Hand: Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Darkness descended on the city fast. It was almost otherworldly. One by one lights, either gas or electric (for those who had electricity), flickered to life. Soldiers patrolled the streets, mounted on HUMVEE trucks, or patrolling by foot. Their vehicles belching out black smoke as they passed by side streets. Foot patrol radio’s … Continue reading Deaths Hand: Chapter 1

Deaths Hand: Chapter 2

The sergeant lay on the ground. His left arm shattered, and multiple puncture wounds in both. Bone fragment and blood leaked onto the asphalt. Dark crimson pools formed under his arms. ‘Why?’ he thought, as the pain became more than he could handle. Suddenly a shot rang out. The beasts body seemed to explode right … Continue reading Deaths Hand: Chapter 2

Deaths Hand: Chapter 4

John and Jack had ran for what had felt like miles on end. And finally slowed down to a walk when they noticed nothing following them. Less than three blocks away, the lights of the military base illuminated the darkened sky. “What the fuck just happened?” Jack got out between his breaths. The weight of … Continue reading Deaths Hand: Chapter 4