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Comics and E-Bay

One of the things I have been exploring lately is the purchase of comic books on the auction website, E-Bay.

With the recession in full swing, more and more people are trying to make a few quick bucks on E-bay selling various items in their collections. Be it a panel from an artist for a comic book, or their comic books in general. I have also had the pleasure of snagging a few collectible toys from the site as well.

E-Bay is a tricky place to purchase comThere are some rules when purchasing comics from E-Bay that you the reader and purchaser need to look for.

1) check to be sure that the seller has a grade for the comic. There will be some that do not follow certain price guide rules on grading. as a rule of thumb, here is the best source of information for the quality of comics…


2) Feel free to contact the seller and ask questions about the comic, should he/she not have a grade for the comic, if you think they may not know what the grade is, then send them the link so they can check it out and give you a more accurate grade, to help you make up your mind on the purchase. The last thing you want to happen is to get a book for a decent price, only to have it show up in the mail with the cover no longer held by the staples, and the sellers name inside the cover from when he/she was younger. (This happened to me)

3) Sometimes the seller will include an image for the comic cover from another source on the internet. Many times this should give you a warning signal going off in your head. Yet sometimes they just can’t include an image due to technical difficulties, when this happens, feel free to contact the seller again.

4) this is a no-brainer. Check the shipping costs. I live in Germany, and have often found sellers that jack the cost of shipping, to offset the price they are selling the item for. IE: The item is on auction, but shipping will be $18.00 (Many do this since they know they will only make a couple bucks on the item, and will pocket the additional shipping fee you pay for shipping.)


With these in mind, shopping for rare and golden or silver age comics on E-Bay can be a blast. I am often betting on multiple comics each week, and some of the comics I have purchased have been in absolute perfect condition, even though they were printed in 1966 or so, I even have one from 1951 that was listed with the exact grade I placed it in as well.

*******Warning about auctions********

Winning the auctions is like an addiction, the more you bid on, and look for, the more obsessed with winning the auction you become. This can become costly. Make sure you constantly check with your pricing guide to ensure you are not paying too much for your comic, and remember to add in the cost of shipping to get your total purchase cost.

If you do not have a pricing guide, or if you want to access what I consider simply the best online resource for comic book collectors, please check out Stash My Comics, link below. ON the site making an account is not necessary, but if you do, you can create a collection database of your comics, including grade, value and search engines for looking for comics you are interested in purchasing. If you are unsure if an issue is the correct one, there are images you can click on to verify which issue you are bidding on.

I also use it to track the comics I want to bid on, based on the grading the seller has given the book. I can then determine if the price I am bidding, is too high for the comic, of if I am making a good purchase.

Please check them out, like I said, simply the best comic resource available, and fully interactive.


Now is the time to purchase comics, and with luck, should you decide, you can re-sell the items when the recession is over, and make a decent profit.

I wish you all luck


Lance Goolsby




What is a nerd, and How do I know if I am one?

Well, Good day;

I have been noticing that a ton of people out there are still suffering from either denial about, or just don’t know that they are nerds.

Why is this important? you may ask yourself.

Well, the status of a nerd is actually rather two sided. For one, nerds tend to have an intelligence that outweighs that of the normal populace. There are people out there that collect toys, comic books, enjoy Science-fiction films and books, think about the validity of the number 42 as being the answer to everything in the universe, who can actually say an entire sentence in Klingon (Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam; Today is a good day to die) and understand the fundamentals of how the Tron films are a study of Theology.

The other side of the equation is that for the most part, nerds actually provide humanity with many of the most important advances in history. From the cellular phone, to home computing, from flat screen televisions to Blu-Ray players.

For example, in the early 70’s a group of people that had learned that through simple manipulation of the tones a pay telephone makes, they could make free calls around the world. They went so far as to create a box that could be used to manipulate the tones a telephone recognized, and it was referred to as a “Blue Box”. These boxes were made up of circuitry and boards that would later revolutionize the world. Many of these people went on to later come up with technological advances needed in making computers more readily available, by creating motherboards in their garages for personal computers.

Another was a group of people that started meeting in 1975, in a group called the “Homebrew Computer Club” out of Silicon Valley, California. These people would meet regularly under the guise of working on making computers more accessible to the public.  They would meet and show plans, schematics, come up with ideas, and show off computer machines they created in their garages. Many of these people went on to work for many of the large computing companies. However, three of the members went on into infamy. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniac, and Ronald Wayne(who later left Apple Computers when the company became incorporated) who are creators of one of the most successful computing company in the world.

So why is it important for me to understand that I am a nerd?

Well many of us have the belief that nerds are people who are socially outcast, have no social behaviors, collect toys, read comic books, and spend much of our time on the computers. People fail to think that these are all missconceptions brought on by the popular media about what a nerd is.

I for one, love the television series “The Big Bang Theory” yet find it to almost be a damning take on the nerd subculture. They show the main characters as being social outcasts, spending whatever free time they have either in a comic book store, or playing games in their apartment.

For the most part nerds are everywhere around us.

Nerds study and maintain certain habits through their lives. Politics, theological studies, business, science, writing, films, arts and crafts and many other things they enjoy.

Walking down the busy streets in New York city, I would wager a bet that the average person will pass about 500 people within three blocks. Out of those numbers I will also wager that over three quarters of them have hobbies in certain areas that most people would consider to be nerdy.

It is not just the collection of comic books, but think more of people who collect fossils, think of the stamp collector in the group.

It is important for us nerds to embrace what it is that sets us apart from the rest of the herd. To enjoy ourselves in our hobbies, and not feel that we are being subjugated to ridicule or belittled because of what we find to be fun.

We need to admit finally what we are, and open up to the rest of the world and show that we are not outcasts playing “Halo” in our bedrooms, while Mom makes grilled cheese sandwiches down stairs.

We are the society of people that come up with wonderful ideas that first through trial and error, help the rest of humanity. We are a society of people that are constantly thinking of things that will maybe one day give us the answers to life and also have fun while doing it.

But, we may also just collect comic books, and toys.




Why I blog.

Some of you may know me, others may be new into the world of mordfilm. But there may be a lingering question in your mind, “Why is he blogging?”

Well, I have recently been contemplating the status of humanity in a whole. I have thought that we are on a self destructive course, and are on the verge of creating a catastrophe amongst ourselves.

I thought why shouldn’t I create a blog that showcases some of these thoughts, and also showcases some of the finer things in life. Some of the things I enjoy, which others may enjoy as well. I am personally into art, film, music, television, reading and have dabbled into the field of paranormal investigation.

“Paranormal Investigation? What are you, one of the Ghost Hunters I see on TV, or one of the Ghost Busters?”

Well no.

Back in 1999, I was in the U.S. Army, and stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. My family and I experienced something that was there, but also not there at the same time. Basically we shared the house with the spirit of a small boy. He showed himself to each of us at different times.

My wife first experienced him, when both of our boys were spending the night at a friends house. My wife and I were enjoying a film, when I herd her say, “it is late, get into bed!”

I looked at her, and asked her “Who are you talking to? Both of the boys are spending the night at a friends house.”

Her face went pale, as she realized this, and then told me that she had just seen a boy looking at her from our stairs. Peaking around the corner, as if trying to sneak a peak of what it was we were doing.

Later I was lying on the couch, watching television, when someone walked directly between me and the television, when i tried to focus on what it was, It was gone. It happened so fast, but I know there was something. It was exactly as if someone had walked from my just outside my field of vision, and directly between me and the television, and simply vanished before I could focus. At first I thought it was our cat, and called out for him, looking around the room. But when I called, he came trudging down the stairs, and leaped into my lap.

Our son also experienced him, however it is through him, we know the approximate age of the spirit. He was one day playing in his bedroom with some of his action figures, when he says another boy, also about 11 or 12 years old, came into the doorway, and asked if he could play with him. My son says he looked at the boy, and said “No. I don’t know who you are.” He says then the boy turned around and walked toward the stairs. Later he came down stairs and asked who it was that came up to play with him, thinking we had let a neighbour boy into the house. We explained that no one had come in the house all day.

Later he says that he was asleep in his bed, and awoke to a figure standing at the foot of his bed. There was a street light outside of his window, that he often used as a night light, and it was illuminating the figure, which was about the same size as the boy from months before, but this time it was wearing a black hooded sweat jacket, with the hood up. He could not make out the face, and thought it was me playing a mean trick on him. He said to it, “Dad, stop it you are scaring me.” and pulled the covers over his head. Seconds later he looked again, and the figure had just vanished. Without the sound of the door closing, or anything.

It was these that got me interested into looking into what may have caused them. I look into reports of ghostly apparitions where I am, and enter into the investigations with a scientific approach. I don’t believe in ghosts, but am open to the thought should I find irrefutable evidence. However to this day I have found nothing I would consider evidence. Every investigation I have conducted I can count everything to being either Natural in origin, or something created by the house itself, IE: Heating ducts knocking, settling of the floors in cold weather, Etc.

I am a huge film fan as well. I am always looking into the films being worked, and coming out soon. I love the challenge of looking for information on upcoming films. As well as information on films only in the planning stage. Some places on-line offer information, and rumours of the films currently green lit by the studios. There are also some places on-line, not too well known, where it seems some of the people responsible for the production of the films are posting information about the film they are working on, without the studio’s knowledge.

Sifting through this knowledge is difficult. As some of it seems to be blatant attempts to discourse the person reading it. There is also some information that seems to be relevant. However if someone can spot the actual correct information on-line, they need to remember that films are like amoeba’s. it is a constantly shifting entity. Scripts are always being re-written, even during the filming of the film itself. a scene may change drastically in the course of a day, that alters the entire outcome of the film.

So I love trying to find this information out. It is difficult, but I also thought I could provide a place for other people to come to a single location, and read the actual reports, and information I am finding on films they are excited are coming out, as much as I am.

When I can I am also going to provide information on some of the music that I love. Most people know me as a fan of the Heavy Metal Genre. However most don’t know that my actual favourite music is actually 60’s and 70’s guitar rock. Give me Led Zeppelin, Jimmi Hendrix, Grand Funk Railroad, Blue Oyster Cult, Bad Company, Iron Butterfly, Triumph, Deep Purple, Eagles and The Greatfull Dead any day over the heavy metal I also listen to.

I just find it sometimes weird how someone will get typecast into a certain genre of music. I also find it strange how people typecast the fans of certain music. It is also true with Heavy Metal.

I work each year at a few heavy metal festivals here in Bavaria, Germany where I live. I get the chance to work directly with the musicians themselves. I have found that metal musicians are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life.

It is amazing, these people sing about death, anxiety, murder, and have fans banging their head to the fast and pounding music they produce. However I believe that fans of Heavy metal actually use the music itself as an output for their own anxiety, and fear and everything else negative in their lives.

People will often times look at heavy metal fans, who dress dark, wear allot of leather, often have piercings in their face, some also dress in Gothic style clothing, and judge them as being evil or someone to avoid. I always challenge people to actually approach these people and start a conversation with them. People will be amazed how intelligent they are, also how friendly these people are.

Television is also one of my passions. I love watching crime shows first of all. I also watch other shows such as dramas, and comedy shows. You may find that I sometimes will refer to one of these in one of my blogs.

So, you now know why it is I decided to blog myself on the  internet. I think I have something to say to the world that I think some of the people out there may also want to read and know.

I hope this has given a little more insight to me, and who it is I am, and why I do what I do, and invite you, the loyal reader, to ask me questions, and see if there is something you would like me to cover. I am open to everything you are, and look forward to reading your thoughts as well.

I thank you all for reading, and as always…



No good deed goes unrewarded:

I believe in good deeds. I attempt to do as many as I can in a day. And I always have the thought in my head that at some time something good will come to me because of it.

Call It karma, fate, divine intervention, guardian angel, the will of the universe or whatever you will, I believe nop good deed goes unrewarded, no matter how small.

Here is proof, Reported today by the Associated Press, and covered in

MENOMONIE, Wis. — A Canadian man who had just helped a motorist change a tire in western Wisconsin had his good deed quickly repaid when, just minutes later, that same motorist helped to save his life.

According to the Wisconsin State Patrol, Victor Giesbrecht, of Winnipeg, was driving Saturday evening on Interstate 94 about 9 miles east of Menomonie when he stopped to help a motorist change a tire.

Patrol Sgt. Michael Newton said that after driving off, Giesbrecht was stricken by a heart attack within a mile or two. His wife, Ann, helped bring their pickup truck to a stop, called 911 and waved her arms for help.

At about the same time, the motorists they had just helped pulled up.

The Star Tribune reported Monday that one of them, Lisa Meier, of Eau Claire, performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him until emergency personnel arrived.

A state trooper and two Dunn County deputies took over and used an automated external defibrillator to help Giesbrecht regain a pulse and resume breathing.

A medical helicopter took Giesbrecht to Mayo Clinic Health System in Eau Claire. He was in serious condition Monday.

Newton said if Giesbrecht hadn’t helped with the tire change, his initial rescuer might have remained stranded for too long to play a life-saving role.

“If he had been a few more miles down the road and had his heart attack, it could have been a different outcome,” Newton said. “It’s an interesting turn of fate.”

He said Giesbrecht had suffered another heart attack about a year earlier.

Newton added that Dunn County having a defibrillator on hand “was the tipping point” in saving Giesbrecht’s life. “Without that defibrillator, I don’t know that the outcome would’ve been the same.”


I don’t know about you, this is definitive proof to me…


Hope you all enjoyed this one…




What films should I find more about?

I am looking for YOUR input about what films I should do some more research into… If the film you want to learn more about is not listed here, then leave a comment with the title, or the plot so I can find it… The film with the most votes will get some sleuthing from me, to dig up as much information, and production photos as I can, and post a report soon…