Robin Williams will be missed

In 2003, I was stationed in Kirkuk, Iraq, with my unit. It was right after I suffered my nervous breakdown after a rocket attack severly injured 2 of my soldiers. I was reassigned to the main base of operations in the city, the air base co run by the Air Force and the Army, where … Continue reading Robin Williams will be missed

How a military man in Egypt had his life changed.

I remember when I was young, around the time I was 13 or 14, I made a proclamation that I would never make it to 30. I was convinced that I would burn out my flame well before then, as I was sure I was going to have an adventurous life. Well I did, and life had other plans … Continue reading How a military man in Egypt had his life changed.

What is a nerd, and How do I know if I am one?

Why cant we finally accept, and embrace our nerdy side? Gathered here is a little information about what it is to be a nerd, and thoughts about what we can do together to finally admit to ourselves what it is we are.

No good deed goes unrewarded:

I believe in good deeds. I attempt to do as many as I can in a day. And I always have the thought in my head that at some time something good will come to me because of it. Call It karma, fate, divine intervention, guardian angel, the will of the universe or whatever you will, … Continue reading No good deed goes unrewarded:

State of the human condition

Can we as humans continue to ignore the plight of others? Ignoring things that are happening directly in front of us does not remove the problems, rather it increases them. We need to start empathising more for our fellow space travellers on our Pale Blue Dot...

Peoples lack of individual reasoning because of the media.

I have been thinking lately how people around the world are constantly in a state of panic about whatever new world crisis there happens to be playing on the telly. Most people are sheep, being led by the media into whatever they want them to feel. Here are examples: When the people of Tibet rose … Continue reading Peoples lack of individual reasoning because of the media.