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Robin Williams will be missed

In 2003, I was stationed in Kirkuk, Iraq, with my unit. It was right after I suffered my nervous breakdown after a rocket attack severly injured 2 of my soldiers.

I was reassigned to the main base of operations in the city, the air base co run by the Air Force and the Army, where I was then given the responsibility of upgrading all the buildings we were occupying, as well as coordinating the repair of local schools for the Iraqi children in the town.

One day, my assistant and I heard a USO bus was coming to the base, and would be there that afternoon. We both decided to drive out and see who was coming. It turned out to be Curt Angle, a NASCAR driver, the name escapes me, and to my surprise, Mr. Robin Williams.

I went to the area, where all the soldiers, about 1000 or more, were gathered around the stars, and I stood near the area where Mr. Williams was. There was tumultuous shouiting to have him yell out “Good Morning Vietnam” as well as a few requests for “Nanoo-Nanoo” from Mork and Mindy.

I was feeling rather embarassed for the star, as he was there to make us feel better and not showcase his films and television shows. So after about 10 minutes of listening to him ramble off several extremely funny jokes, I left the area, and hung out where we had parked.

It was right behind a bus, which I was under the impression was one of the many from the convoy for the stars that had come. I was leaning against the side of our Nissan truck when the stars were rallied back to their transportation.

I watched, amazed, as Robin Williams climbed into the bus I was sitting next to, putting on a flack jacket and helmet for the drive. He then stood next to the seat where he was going to sit, when he noticed me standing next to the truck.

A large smile crossed his face, and he waved at me. Amazed I looked around and saw he was intending it toward me. I waved back as he sat in his seat. He then stared at me, and put on an exaggerated smile, and gave me a thumbs up. Moments later the bus started up, and drove off.

There was a moment of uncomprehending the situation, followed by the sudden understanding what he was telling me. He was saying to keep a smile, and keep on soldiering. he was proud of me, of us all.

I never thought a movie star would reach out to ordinary people as he had, not to mention to offer a small bit of support to an individual soldier who must have obviously been suffering from a mental disorder.

That is a day I will never forget. A day that will remind me that we are all human, no matter our status. Robin Williams reached out to me, and consoled me.

Word reached me today that he had passed away. I want to tell this story to the world, as well as reach out to his family, to let them know that I for one was personally touched by the Humanitarian.

My thoughts go out to the entire family, and I send my complete condolences.

This is a man who will be missed by the entire world.




My Update 25 Sep 2013

Lance and Boo-Boo in Schweinfurt

Lance and Boo-Boo in Schweinfurt

Greetings Programs,

I wanted to let all of my readers know what is happening in my life right now, and a couple projects I have on the horizon that you may all be interested in.

First, I have now been working for a large factory here in Schweinfurt for a proud 6 weeks now. The company if ZF Sachs, I am loving the job, it is both physical and stimulating at the same time. I could not be happier to be working there.

So here is what is coming around the corner for all of you.

1) My novel, The Face In The Falls, is back on track. I am re-proofing my manuscript as it stands, and re-organizing my notes and plans for the rest of the book, and am organizing the story and character plots and dialogue for the rest of the novel.

For those who don’t know what The Face In The Falls is, it is the story of Issiquah Homicide detective, Jackson Anderson, King County Medico-Legal Pathologist, Mary Langstrom, and their investigation into the discovery of 7 bodies at the top of the Snoqualmie Falls in Washington State. It is a roller coaster ride of an investigation that will take both of them in a direction that no one had imagined.

2) Probably my most ambitious project to date, is my upcoming podcast, which has yet to be named, It will be hosted by me, and co-hosted by my Brother-in-law Kyle. We will be discussing subjects that are important to us, including Star Wars, toys, comic books and anything else we want to talk about.

It should be totally fun and entertaining, as both of us are ex-military, and some times rather dirty-mouthed. We are both also very dedicated to Star Wars, and are extremely excited for the new films and the announced director of the films.

I am also asking you, the reader, what you think I should name the Podcast. When it is available it will be downloadable on iTunes, but first I need a name that I can place them under.

This I leave to you…

Below please submit your ideas in the comments block.

I thank you all



Some of my artwork

I thought I would show some of the art work I have painted in the last year. Although I am relatively new to the medium of painting, I feel I am learning quite fast. I tent to do paintings over subject mater that matters to me, which I guess is important. I do allot of Star Wars paintings, mostly for me, and comic book heroes as well. I paint them with Acrylic on canvas. and on none of them do I have a frame. I painted them with the plan of not framing it. so the image actually continues around the edges as well.

Here are just a couple of the paintings I have finished over the year 2011, in order of making them.

This was my first, around March, I wanted to paint Darth Vader on a dark background, and only paint the highlights that reflect off of his costume. I didn’t know at the time many of the blending and color bleeding principals I learned later in other paintings, which usually came through trial and error. However, as a subject it is one of my favorite paintings so far.

This one came directly on the heels of Darth Vader, which I guess makes sense, the canvas is slightly smaller than vaders, and It is meant to go to the right of Darth Vader when hung. There will be a second storm trooper in the series, which will go to Vaders left side. The series will be repainted by me, in the styles I have learned through the series of paintings I have done, to make them stand out a little better.

This one was the beginning of me learning how to blend and bleed the colors together. I found out by total accident when I had a blob of black drip, when I was talking with the wife, that water could bleed the color down enough to use it for shading. This is the first that had no subject matter film or comic book related. However, as in the style of my paintings, it is a dark image, with little color.

This was the very next one, The bleeding principal I learned was used throughout this painting. The photo was taken while there was a spot still wet, thusly the wet area. I was happy with the painting, however not overjoyed. There seemed to be something missing from the subject that I did not see when painting it.

This is my favorite to date, I had fun doing this. Wolverine has always been, and always be one of my favorite characters in comic Books. He has a dual personality as being the hero, yet being more brutal than most other heroes in the comic universe. The antihero as people refer to him, does not look to fight evil, however it has a way finding him. No matter how deep he hides himself in the shadows of humanity around him. This one was based on a still from the X-Men Origines: Wolverine film, I however thought it would be better adding the comic book face of Wolverine, rather than the film recognized Hugh Jackman.

This is a painting that I was asked to do for my Sister In Law, for her husbands Birthday. This is my best painting , and the hardest I had to do, to date. I needed to make sure the detail I added to Yoda was on the money, and as realistic as I could do. The overall length of time taken to paint this was about 2 solid weeks. Making sure every wrinkle and gray hair was properly represented. Not to mention the field of depth needed to portray his arm coming at the viewer. This photo does not do this painting justice. Hanging on my in laws wall, you can stare in awe at it for quite a while.

This was another painting asked of me by an in law. He wanted to have a Darth Vader painted by me, and customized for him to hang in his apartment. So I added the AT-ST seen in the bottom right of the painting, the Death Star 2, in the upper left, and the star cruiser and TIE-Fighters flying above. I had a blast with this one, and enjoyed making it as well. Notice the light saber glow on the costume, that again was created with the color bleeding I figured out just a month or so before. I had not yet figured out how to thin the colors enough to create really fine details, while not loosing the strength of the color. as seen with the white reflecting off the corners of his helmet, or off the chain holding on his cape.

Again same Brother in Law, and this time he asked me to do something based of something completely different. This painting is a single frame in the Kick-Ass comic book, where the father is about to show the daughter how it feels getting shot while wearing a bullet proof vest. The hard way. I changed a small portion of the color scheme, as I didnt agree with the way it was originally painted, but it was my interpretation of an already painted scene… So my artistic input is ok… LOL

Well, there you go. A small view into the few paintings i made last year. And slightly after our move in the next few weeks, I will begin again painting. So expect to see a few more in the next few days.





153 readers subscribed

I was looking at the amount of traffic I receive, and over the course of the last two months, I usually average about 4 hits on my blog per week.

Well, needless to say when I noticed how many of you have signed up to receive emails whenever I post something new, I was astonished. I never would have thought that around the world 153 people are reading my posts regularly. Sometimes I will just post what I think, or something I want to know, and thought maybe there was someone else out there who also wanted to know.

It was because of you, I am now a featured writer for a web magazine called I will be their Movie rumors and interviews, and collectable toys reviewer. My first article which is an in depth look into the years worth of rumors surrounding a 3rd instalment of the Tron Series.

I will be writing many more articles for them, as obviously films are something I love. I am also looking into the upcoming Wolverine sequel, as well as a possible interview with Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in the new Star Trek series.

So what I wanted to say, is, to all 153 of you, THANKS, you make me feel like there is something out there I am writing for, and that there are people like me, reading stuff like this…


So, to you all: PEACE


Another Game update

The Working Neila Game Studios Logo

Well the time has come, We have now been working over a month on the As of now secret Neila Game studios game, that will be our fledgling game into the mix.

Lazarus, is the game.

It is going to be a first person shooter, set in a city that is being ravaged by “Zombies”. The story behind the game is quite complex. It was written by me, for the game, and as I wrote it , I found that there were more and more back stories needed in its writing.

So the game itself will be a single story. There will be a back story of the hero, and the “Virus” that caused everyday normal people to turn in to these Zombie like creatures.

The bad guy of the game also will be getting a back story. He is one of the more interesting characters within the game. I believe that people will love to hate him for how truly despicable he really is…

The “Virus” itself will also be getting special treatment within the game. It is the main character of the game, so leaving out any details of it would be a travesty. So I have developed an entire story revolving around exactly what the “Virus” is. Also if you notice, I put parenthesis around the word virus. The outbreak is not caused by a virus, rather it is a man made compound developed to help hospitals and military around the world save lives.

Neila Game Studios is also looking for companies, and people to help fund the creation of the game. We will make it, with or without funding, but with funding we will be able to better afford the artists who are spending so much time in its creation.

The working Neila G.S. logo is actually one of the screen shots from the working games first level. We have a great environmental artist working on creating city block after city block for the game, and adding texture and detail. None of the finishing touches have been added as of yet, but you can see we are working hard on getting the best possible graphics out to the fans.

Well, that was the update, hope you enjoyed.

Would love to read some comments…



My First book for sale on Amazon.

Well, I want to first wish everyone a wonderful Holiday season. To each of you as well, a truly wonderful New Year!!!


I finished on Christmas Eve my first book. It is not the longest, but rather meant to be read in a single sitting.


I wanted to write a Christmas story this year for everyone. A story that was more updated than many of the others available out there.

A 21st Century Christmas Tale, is what came out.

It is the story of Thomas, a truly gifted business employee, and a truly egotistical person as well. He is driven by his business, and money, not caring about anyone around him, to include his family.

But when a tragic accident takes the life of his parents and sister, he is left with the one thing he hates the most in this world. A 14 month old child.

Can Thomas embrace the challenges of life with a child? Or will he turn her over to the State to be raised in a children’s home, because she interferes with his career, and life?

This is not a journey of self discovery, this is a journey of family discovery.

It will be made available on in the next week or two, for some unset low price.

I hope you will come and read.

When it is available, I will post more details here.



What is a nerd, and How do I know if I am one?

Well, Good day;

I have been noticing that a ton of people out there are still suffering from either denial about, or just don’t know that they are nerds.

Why is this important? you may ask yourself.

Well, the status of a nerd is actually rather two sided. For one, nerds tend to have an intelligence that outweighs that of the normal populace. There are people out there that collect toys, comic books, enjoy Science-fiction films and books, think about the validity of the number 42 as being the answer to everything in the universe, who can actually say an entire sentence in Klingon (Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam; Today is a good day to die) and understand the fundamentals of how the Tron films are a study of Theology.

The other side of the equation is that for the most part, nerds actually provide humanity with many of the most important advances in history. From the cellular phone, to home computing, from flat screen televisions to Blu-Ray players.

For example, in the early 70’s a group of people that had learned that through simple manipulation of the tones a pay telephone makes, they could make free calls around the world. They went so far as to create a box that could be used to manipulate the tones a telephone recognized, and it was referred to as a “Blue Box”. These boxes were made up of circuitry and boards that would later revolutionize the world. Many of these people went on to later come up with technological advances needed in making computers more readily available, by creating motherboards in their garages for personal computers.

Another was a group of people that started meeting in 1975, in a group called the “Homebrew Computer Club” out of Silicon Valley, California. These people would meet regularly under the guise of working on making computers more accessible to the public.  They would meet and show plans, schematics, come up with ideas, and show off computer machines they created in their garages. Many of these people went on to work for many of the large computing companies. However, three of the members went on into infamy. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniac, and Ronald Wayne(who later left Apple Computers when the company became incorporated) who are creators of one of the most successful computing company in the world.

So why is it important for me to understand that I am a nerd?

Well many of us have the belief that nerds are people who are socially outcast, have no social behaviors, collect toys, read comic books, and spend much of our time on the computers. People fail to think that these are all missconceptions brought on by the popular media about what a nerd is.

I for one, love the television series “The Big Bang Theory” yet find it to almost be a damning take on the nerd subculture. They show the main characters as being social outcasts, spending whatever free time they have either in a comic book store, or playing games in their apartment.

For the most part nerds are everywhere around us.

Nerds study and maintain certain habits through their lives. Politics, theological studies, business, science, writing, films, arts and crafts and many other things they enjoy.

Walking down the busy streets in New York city, I would wager a bet that the average person will pass about 500 people within three blocks. Out of those numbers I will also wager that over three quarters of them have hobbies in certain areas that most people would consider to be nerdy.

It is not just the collection of comic books, but think more of people who collect fossils, think of the stamp collector in the group.

It is important for us nerds to embrace what it is that sets us apart from the rest of the herd. To enjoy ourselves in our hobbies, and not feel that we are being subjugated to ridicule or belittled because of what we find to be fun.

We need to admit finally what we are, and open up to the rest of the world and show that we are not outcasts playing “Halo” in our bedrooms, while Mom makes grilled cheese sandwiches down stairs.

We are the society of people that come up with wonderful ideas that first through trial and error, help the rest of humanity. We are a society of people that are constantly thinking of things that will maybe one day give us the answers to life and also have fun while doing it.

But, we may also just collect comic books, and toys.




Neila Game gets a home!!!

Just to let everyone know, that have been following me in the past few months. I have developed a video game idea called Neila.

Well I tried to get it out to the companies out there that make video games, and got a less than popular answer from each and every one that took the time to respond. There were a couple companies, which I wont name, that actually did not even bother to write me back and let me knot that their games were developed in house. Rather they just let the email die out.

Well, I have been absent in the past week or so, as I have been working on yet another idea, that may be of interest to many of my readers, and fans. I have decided to open an Independent Video Game Company.

I am working with a friend who is in the computer industry, Clayton Gray, in developing a Indy Game company, called Neila Games.

Now, don’t think we are going to be developing Neila first. Rather we are going to be developing a smaller game, the basis of it I can not divulge as of yet.

However, It is in the works right now, and expect to maybe see it within the 2012 year.

Here is the link to the facebook page for the group…



Lance M. Goolsby

Doctor Who Movie?

I recently came across some exciting and somewhat troublesome news. There is a Hollywood Blockbuster version of Doctor Who in the works.

I have a couple reservations about the entire thing…

First I must say there is not a better director slotted to working the project.

David Yates, who has directed several of the Harry potter films, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Parts 1 and 2) as well as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. His take on a drama, and comedy is unquestionably what helped make the last Potter films a major success. (Who has ever read those crazy books anyway? LOL) He has an ability to truly direct drama with neural surgeon precision.

However he has stated a few things that will drive some of us “Whovians” (A Whovian is a fan of the Doctor Who series, in the same lines as a Trekkie is a Star Trek fan or a Fanboy is a Star Wars fan) a little over the edge.

My first problem is that David said he is currently looking for a writer of the film, which he is expecting to be worked on for the next 2 years, as he wants to ensure that the script for the film is as deep and entertaining in subject as any of the seasons of the Doctor Who Series has ever been.

The doctor has been in one form or another on the television for 47 years, making it the longest running, most successful show in history!!!

For those who still don’t know who the doctor is, here is a little background. Be prepared to be amazed by 47 years, crammed into 6.5 minutes!!!

Ok, I know that was a brief history, but here are the important bits.

  • The Doctor (As he is just called) is an alien, in human form.
  • He is able to control the ship called the TADRIS, which is able to access any point in space, time, and Dimension.
  • The Doctor uses his powers to correct points in time, space, or history which are going off course. To make time run smoothly.
  • This is why he is referred to as a “Time Lord”
  • It is believed that all other Time Lords are dead.
  • The Doctor Protects humans, as he feels closest to them.
  • The Doctor is over 500 Years old.
  • If the body form he takes gets destroyed, he “Regenerates” in a new form, and in the process brain cells are also newly formed, which is why he has multiple personalities.  (This is to help explain the differences in the actors interpretation of the Doctor.)

This is it in a nut shell.

So you ask what my reservations toward a large screen take on it are… Well to me they are simple, and I believe any Whovian out there  should also have the same reservations toward the news that has been released so far.

1:  OK, the choice for the writer scares me the most. David stated in a press release the following in Variety magazine:

“We want a British sensibility, but having said that, Steve Kloves wrote the Potter films and captured that British sensibility perfectly, so we are looking at American writers too.”

Ok, so Steve wrote the Potter films, great, he did not need to create something from nothing, he simply needed to read a book, and figure out what to put into the film, and what could be left on the pages… Now I am not saying his job was easy, in the slightest, rather his sensibility he captured in the Potter film scripts was simply translating the books sensibility onto the screen. The rest of that came from the director, all of which have been British. So who better knows British sensibility than a Brit?

2: If the American film studios have their grubby mitts into a typically British show, they will be so concentrating on creating something to introduce the American market to the Doctor Who franchise, they are going to insist to David, and Steve that there will HAVE to be a back story to the Doctor. If there is a back story, there will be too much lost to the Doctor.

One of the great things about the Doctor is that there is still allot of unknowns about him. If the Americans get their hands on it, and place in a back story to him, much of who the Doctor is(Or we don’t know who he is), will be lost, FOREVER.

3: They don’t plan on it being tied into the television series at all. Whomever is currently playing the Doctor at the time of the filming, will not be portraying the Doctor in the film.  This to me makes absolutely no sense.

  • Why make a Doctor Who film, and not include who ever is the Doctor on television?
  • Why make a stand alone Doctor film?
  • Why not tie the show into the film?
  • Why do we need to see another Doctor Who story, with a new Doctor on the big screen?

These are my problems with the news about the Doctor Who film being made, or in the works to be made.

As you can see, I believe that the thought of having a Doctor Who film, unrelated to the television series, and featuring a brand new Doctor, while one is playing him on television seems redundant.

My thoughts are that it may be BBC attempting to remove the Doctor from the small screen, and place him on the big one. I would rather keep running the show on the small screen for another 47 years, with continued stories, even if they are horrible. There have been allot of bad ones, yes, but the number of the absolutely amazing stories greatly outweighs them.

If it were up to me, BBC keep the show only on the small screen, and make a couple movie events for the series, and not a stand alone for Movie theatres.

I believe if this Movie gets made in the way David Yates is wanting to do it, It will signal the end of Doctor Who on television.


Lance M. Goolsby

Why I blog.

Some of you may know me, others may be new into the world of mordfilm. But there may be a lingering question in your mind, “Why is he blogging?”

Well, I have recently been contemplating the status of humanity in a whole. I have thought that we are on a self destructive course, and are on the verge of creating a catastrophe amongst ourselves.

I thought why shouldn’t I create a blog that showcases some of these thoughts, and also showcases some of the finer things in life. Some of the things I enjoy, which others may enjoy as well. I am personally into art, film, music, television, reading and have dabbled into the field of paranormal investigation.

“Paranormal Investigation? What are you, one of the Ghost Hunters I see on TV, or one of the Ghost Busters?”

Well no.

Back in 1999, I was in the U.S. Army, and stationed in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. My family and I experienced something that was there, but also not there at the same time. Basically we shared the house with the spirit of a small boy. He showed himself to each of us at different times.

My wife first experienced him, when both of our boys were spending the night at a friends house. My wife and I were enjoying a film, when I herd her say, “it is late, get into bed!”

I looked at her, and asked her “Who are you talking to? Both of the boys are spending the night at a friends house.”

Her face went pale, as she realized this, and then told me that she had just seen a boy looking at her from our stairs. Peaking around the corner, as if trying to sneak a peak of what it was we were doing.

Later I was lying on the couch, watching television, when someone walked directly between me and the television, when i tried to focus on what it was, It was gone. It happened so fast, but I know there was something. It was exactly as if someone had walked from my just outside my field of vision, and directly between me and the television, and simply vanished before I could focus. At first I thought it was our cat, and called out for him, looking around the room. But when I called, he came trudging down the stairs, and leaped into my lap.

Our son also experienced him, however it is through him, we know the approximate age of the spirit. He was one day playing in his bedroom with some of his action figures, when he says another boy, also about 11 or 12 years old, came into the doorway, and asked if he could play with him. My son says he looked at the boy, and said “No. I don’t know who you are.” He says then the boy turned around and walked toward the stairs. Later he came down stairs and asked who it was that came up to play with him, thinking we had let a neighbour boy into the house. We explained that no one had come in the house all day.

Later he says that he was asleep in his bed, and awoke to a figure standing at the foot of his bed. There was a street light outside of his window, that he often used as a night light, and it was illuminating the figure, which was about the same size as the boy from months before, but this time it was wearing a black hooded sweat jacket, with the hood up. He could not make out the face, and thought it was me playing a mean trick on him. He said to it, “Dad, stop it you are scaring me.” and pulled the covers over his head. Seconds later he looked again, and the figure had just vanished. Without the sound of the door closing, or anything.

It was these that got me interested into looking into what may have caused them. I look into reports of ghostly apparitions where I am, and enter into the investigations with a scientific approach. I don’t believe in ghosts, but am open to the thought should I find irrefutable evidence. However to this day I have found nothing I would consider evidence. Every investigation I have conducted I can count everything to being either Natural in origin, or something created by the house itself, IE: Heating ducts knocking, settling of the floors in cold weather, Etc.

I am a huge film fan as well. I am always looking into the films being worked, and coming out soon. I love the challenge of looking for information on upcoming films. As well as information on films only in the planning stage. Some places on-line offer information, and rumours of the films currently green lit by the studios. There are also some places on-line, not too well known, where it seems some of the people responsible for the production of the films are posting information about the film they are working on, without the studio’s knowledge.

Sifting through this knowledge is difficult. As some of it seems to be blatant attempts to discourse the person reading it. There is also some information that seems to be relevant. However if someone can spot the actual correct information on-line, they need to remember that films are like amoeba’s. it is a constantly shifting entity. Scripts are always being re-written, even during the filming of the film itself. a scene may change drastically in the course of a day, that alters the entire outcome of the film.

So I love trying to find this information out. It is difficult, but I also thought I could provide a place for other people to come to a single location, and read the actual reports, and information I am finding on films they are excited are coming out, as much as I am.

When I can I am also going to provide information on some of the music that I love. Most people know me as a fan of the Heavy Metal Genre. However most don’t know that my actual favourite music is actually 60’s and 70’s guitar rock. Give me Led Zeppelin, Jimmi Hendrix, Grand Funk Railroad, Blue Oyster Cult, Bad Company, Iron Butterfly, Triumph, Deep Purple, Eagles and The Greatfull Dead any day over the heavy metal I also listen to.

I just find it sometimes weird how someone will get typecast into a certain genre of music. I also find it strange how people typecast the fans of certain music. It is also true with Heavy Metal.

I work each year at a few heavy metal festivals here in Bavaria, Germany where I live. I get the chance to work directly with the musicians themselves. I have found that metal musicians are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life.

It is amazing, these people sing about death, anxiety, murder, and have fans banging their head to the fast and pounding music they produce. However I believe that fans of Heavy metal actually use the music itself as an output for their own anxiety, and fear and everything else negative in their lives.

People will often times look at heavy metal fans, who dress dark, wear allot of leather, often have piercings in their face, some also dress in Gothic style clothing, and judge them as being evil or someone to avoid. I always challenge people to actually approach these people and start a conversation with them. People will be amazed how intelligent they are, also how friendly these people are.

Television is also one of my passions. I love watching crime shows first of all. I also watch other shows such as dramas, and comedy shows. You may find that I sometimes will refer to one of these in one of my blogs.

So, you now know why it is I decided to blog myself on the  internet. I think I have something to say to the world that I think some of the people out there may also want to read and know.

I hope this has given a little more insight to me, and who it is I am, and why I do what I do, and invite you, the loyal reader, to ask me questions, and see if there is something you would like me to cover. I am open to everything you are, and look forward to reading your thoughts as well.

I thank you all for reading, and as always…