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What is a nerd, and How do I know if I am one?

Well, Good day;

I have been noticing that a ton of people out there are still suffering from either denial about, or just don’t know that they are nerds.

Why is this important? you may ask yourself.

Well, the status of a nerd is actually rather two sided. For one, nerds tend to have an intelligence that outweighs that of the normal populace. There are people out there that collect toys, comic books, enjoy Science-fiction films and books, think about the validity of the number 42 as being the answer to everything in the universe, who can actually say an entire sentence in Klingon (Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam; Today is a good day to die) and understand the fundamentals of how the Tron films are a study of Theology.

The other side of the equation is that for the most part, nerds actually provide humanity with many of the most important advances in history. From the cellular phone, to home computing, from flat screen televisions to Blu-Ray players.

For example, in the early 70’s a group of people that had learned that through simple manipulation of the tones a pay telephone makes, they could make free calls around the world. They went so far as to create a box that could be used to manipulate the tones a telephone recognized, and it was referred to as a “Blue Box”. These boxes were made up of circuitry and boards that would later revolutionize the world. Many of these people went on to later come up with technological advances needed in making computers more readily available, by creating motherboards in their garages for personal computers.

Another was a group of people that started meeting in 1975, in a group called the “Homebrew Computer Club” out of Silicon Valley, California. These people would meet regularly under the guise of working on making computers more accessible to the public.  They would meet and show plans, schematics, come up with ideas, and show off computer machines they created in their garages. Many of these people went on to work for many of the large computing companies. However, three of the members went on into infamy. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniac, and Ronald Wayne(who later left Apple Computers when the company became incorporated) who are creators of one of the most successful computing company in the world.

So why is it important for me to understand that I am a nerd?

Well many of us have the belief that nerds are people who are socially outcast, have no social behaviors, collect toys, read comic books, and spend much of our time on the computers. People fail to think that these are all missconceptions brought on by the popular media about what a nerd is.

I for one, love the television series “The Big Bang Theory” yet find it to almost be a damning take on the nerd subculture. They show the main characters as being social outcasts, spending whatever free time they have either in a comic book store, or playing games in their apartment.

For the most part nerds are everywhere around us.

Nerds study and maintain certain habits through their lives. Politics, theological studies, business, science, writing, films, arts and crafts and many other things they enjoy.

Walking down the busy streets in New York city, I would wager a bet that the average person will pass about 500 people within three blocks. Out of those numbers I will also wager that over three quarters of them have hobbies in certain areas that most people would consider to be nerdy.

It is not just the collection of comic books, but think more of people who collect fossils, think of the stamp collector in the group.

It is important for us nerds to embrace what it is that sets us apart from the rest of the herd. To enjoy ourselves in our hobbies, and not feel that we are being subjugated to ridicule or belittled because of what we find to be fun.

We need to admit finally what we are, and open up to the rest of the world and show that we are not outcasts playing “Halo” in our bedrooms, while Mom makes grilled cheese sandwiches down stairs.

We are the society of people that come up with wonderful ideas that first through trial and error, help the rest of humanity. We are a society of people that are constantly thinking of things that will maybe one day give us the answers to life and also have fun while doing it.

But, we may also just collect comic books, and toys.





Neila Game gets a home!!!

Just to let everyone know, that have been following me in the past few months. I have developed a video game idea called Neila.

Well I tried to get it out to the companies out there that make video games, and got a less than popular answer from each and every one that took the time to respond. There were a couple companies, which I wont name, that actually did not even bother to write me back and let me knot that their games were developed in house. Rather they just let the email die out.

Well, I have been absent in the past week or so, as I have been working on yet another idea, that may be of interest to many of my readers, and fans. I have decided to open an Independent Video Game Company.

I am working with a friend who is in the computer industry, Clayton Gray, in developing a Indy Game company, called Neila Games.

Now, don’t think we are going to be developing Neila first. Rather we are going to be developing a smaller game, the basis of it I can not divulge as of yet.

However, It is in the works right now, and expect to maybe see it within the 2012 year.

Here is the link to the facebook page for the group…



Lance M. Goolsby

A couple new posts, that didn’t make it here…

Here are some of my recent, and I believe better posts I have made, but have not been linked to my home page…

Here is an article about why I believe I have become a Nerd again… Two Words, Tron Legacy

Here is an article close to me. It is about how Bartenders are the cheapest form of psychologist on the planet. and a couple stories I have personally experienced.

and finally, here is some research I have dug up about 2 new Tron projects. The first is some information about the rumored Tron 3, which according to a video I found has been greenlit, and also a new Tron television series being released in 2012


As always my friends.



Why don’t game companies listen to players?

I have been trying to pass the Neila game idea off to dozens of companies. However they all seem to come back with the same answer, time and time again.

“We are sorry, but we only develop games In-House”

“Your email was not read” (Yes I did get this one from a large game development company, they have an automatic response on it, that if it is not read in 2 months, it sends off!!)

It is becoming no wonder why it is hard to find a game in the world, that is worth playing. Only a hand full that come out each year, in the thousands released, are worth any play time. These games are great, but the rest can be tossed directly into the rubbish bin. Why a company spends so much of its time and resources on them defies all reason. Do they not see how bad a game is in development? Can they not see the AI is causing all the NPC’s to run into walls on the levels? (This did happen in Medal Of Honor: Airborne… When you came into one of the towns, the German soldiers would scurry around like rabbits running from a cat, and then get stuck running into a rock wall, where you could just walk up behind him, and shoot him without remorse. It was a mercy killing… LOL)

What intrigues me is that almost none of the companies are listening to the players.

But who are the players?

Players are the ones responsible for making games popular around the world. It is the players insight in the game, that has him/her advertise by word of mouth to their friends. Players can make or KILL a game simply by talking.

Players are responsible for making the Halo franchise over a billion dollars. For it was their money that was the Billion dollars given to Microsoft, and Bungie.

Players determine the direction video gaming consoles need to travel to keep the interest in gaming alive. It is the player that buys these consoles!

Players rate video games daily.

Players spend billions each year on video games, and video game paraphernalia around the world.

Next to Cinema, video games are the highest money maker in entertainment around the world.

So the question remains, why won’t a video game company listen to the ideas of players?

I can not find a single reason why they shouldn’t. They should listen, and fish out the great ideas, and develop them into games for the rest of the world. Developers will know if a certain game has founded principals to become a hit, or not. They should sift out the scum from the true creative ideas, and develop these games for the market. They would stand to make a small fortune from it.

So why don’t they?

That is simple. They currently employ scripters, artists and many other people solely for the thought process of game development. They have little to do with the game making, just the brainstorming of the thought of a game, and the script that will be used in it.

Why pay people for that, when so many people, who know video games around the world, are developing ideas themselves and sending it in to be denied by someone at a desk?

I call upon all the readers of this to consider the opportunities available, and the amount of money that can be made if we band together and create our very own video game company. We would rule the gaming community with our prowess. By listening to the Gamer, we will make products that will become legendary.

If there is people out there that agree with me, let us make it happen.

Respond to this post, and lets see what happens together!!!

lance Goolsby

Game update

I have been working on the story behind the video game I am writing, called Neila.

Check it out, I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions. I am open for all.

Here is the link to the page where the story idea is:

Welcome to mordfilm’s blog spot.

Welcome all to the new mordfilm Blog.

I know what you are thinking. “Oh man. Not another blog! Don’t we have too many already?”

But listen, this blog is to showcase my short stories I have written over the course of the fifteen years I was in the U.S. ARMY.

Almost all of these stories, which I will present weekly, have never been read by others. Some have been read by friends, and fellow soldiers who were interrested in what I was writing all the time. But never before have I made them available for the entire world to read.

So if you are reading this, I again welcome you to my world.

If you are a fan of horror stories, you have reached the right place.

Most of the stories have adult language, and graphic descriptions in them, so I beg you to use discretion when reading.

I will eventually make folders for the family oriented stories, and the horror stories.

This week I am starting off with my favorite story. “Deaths Hand”


Lance M. Goolsby