The story behind “Deaths Hand”

Well, I guess you are reading this after, I hope, reading what I have posted to date with “Deaths Hand”.

The story was written in 2003, while I was in the ARMY, and in Kirkuk, Iraq.

It was within the first two months, the exact date I am unsure about, but we had just moved into the old Iraqi Air Force base, and found the paper in a room we were using as a pseudo barracks. It was an old notebook that was partially used by an Iraqi soldier attending the flight school the base once held. I liberated the used pages, and started to write, using my personal experiences in the months as points within the story.

The checkpoint that the characters in the story find themselves at in the beginning, was based on a checkpoint I had set up with my squad one night.

The story was written prior to any degrading of the situation in the area, and the locals in the town were truly appreciative we were there.


<Read no further if you have not read at least the first chapter>

I wanted to make the story of a monster that was humanoid, but as the story progressed turned, out to be much more than anything human. All the descriptions in the story progress in describing the beast, as I originally envisioned it.

My thoughts about the history of the beast is that it is older than mankind itself. Yet had learned to live in proximity of humans, feeding upon them in times of war. It uses war as a cover for it’s feeding.

I also wanted to give the beast a consciousness. I didn’t want to write a simple monster story that the creature kills with no thought, or reason. As the story progresses, you as the reader, are projected into the beasts thoughts, and follow it along for much of the story. The history and a partial age of the beast is given at the end, but I always imagined it as being older than mankind itself. Why it is in the middle east is also covered, with it’s history of wars, giving the beast ample food opportunities. I also briefly cover that it was in Europe. The times are quite obvious. Maybe with time I may cover that part of the story.

As always I used much of what I knew in the area as the background for the story. The ending of the story has the survivors approaching the main gate of a base. I was writing this with the main gate of the Air Force base we were stationed on as the model. I, in my head, could see them running across the open field that was near the gate in shear panic.

I hope you enjoy the story as much as I enjoy it.


  1. Michel Saraino

    You appear to be a gifted writer. My kind of story! I’m looking forward to the rest of the book.

    • Thanks, This is only the build up! I think it gets better…

      So just to let the readers know, it gets GORY FROM HERE ON!!!

      So Use, something like… Discretion.

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