Deaths Hand: Chapter 3

The beast turned in time from his fresh kill, to notice two of his  prey turning and running down a darkened street side.

He didn’t mind, as he already had their scent in his nose, and will follow up later.

Since as long as the beast could remember, there has been the perfect opportunity for the creature to feast when it needed. Over the course of tens of thousands of years, these creatures that referred to themselves as humans, have been fighting each other for what ever reason they felt important at the time.

Land, women, religion or race. However the beast didn’t care why, but loved the amount of souls it was able to devour in order to extend its existence. Under the guise of war, the beast could hide its feeding. These humans made it so easy. War was the perfect cover.

The beast remembers the time when it had no need to hide in the shadows. It was able to feed as it wished, as the humans worshiped him openly. They would refer to him as PramayA-Gabhasti, which translates to Deaths Hand. They would offer him the souls, and occasionally they would willingly offer themselves to him.

The beast turned to look at the petrified local man who was worshipping ans asking forgiveness from one of the many of the human gods. It reached out with its hand, and it completely engulfed the head of the puny human.

However in the beasts mind, it is the last few thousand years that humans have killed themselves in such quantities that the beast was able to hibernate between sustaining itself. There were people who were referring to themselves as Romans, Celts, Picts, Anglos, Saxons and Germanics who were systematically and without remorse killing each other. A while later there was this amazing thing that the humans called a plague, that helped the beast truly engulf itself with the souls of them.

It then took a thousand year hibernation, to awake in Europe and the humans were killing themselves in numbers that were almost impossible to keep up with. The beast was able to move between places where battles were taking place. Here the beast was able to slowly feast, and witness the horrors that these mortals were putting on each other.

Over the course of the last hundred years, there has been at some point every second of every day, at some place on the planet a war. Where the smell of blood would attract the beast. It would travel to the area where the blood was originating from, and feast itself, providing itself the needed energy to sustain its eternal life.

With the puny humans head in its hand, it looked down the area where the two humans had run. Slowly the beast flexed it’s fingers, it could feel the cartilage of the ears of the human first crack under the pressure it was placing on it.

It could feel the soul of the human slowly slip into the beasts own flesh. There was no need to feed physically on these creatures, it was only a pleasure. the flavour of the flesh, blood and the hardness of their bones actually excited the beast when it snapped in its mouth.

Still harder it flexed, and then came an amazingly loud and pleasurable snap, as the skull of the human fractured in multiple places under the pressure.

Its focus was still upon the two running down the street away from it.

Finally the flesh of the humans head in its hand gave way to allow the now over pressured internal contents to escape their torment. Its blood showered the beast in a joyous rain that stained its own flesh in a colourful cascade of crimson.

It was the exact moment the humans soul was assimilated fully into the beasts body. Deaths Hand was now slightly satisfied. However from the earlier engagement of the human with its weapon, it would need to replenish the souls it took to repair itself.

The humans body fell and slumped to the ground, it was the first time the beast had turned it’s attention from the humans who were under the impression they were escaping. The beast saw how the blood now pooled around the mangled remains of the humans head. It enjoyed the sight of the gore around it that it was responsible for. How easily humans were destroyed. How fragile these creatures were. Yet they have always thought of themselves as superior. Immortal, no matter how close to mortality they were.

These two humans thought they had a chance to be saved, redeemed from the horrors they had witnessed. The horrors that had befallen their friends.

The beast would have fun with these two.

For it knew they were fatally wrong.

(To Be Continued)


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