Neila Game update, and story

In case you don’t know, and that would be approximately 98% of the populated Earth, and 100% of extraterrestrial space, I have collaborated with my son, to work on the premise for a new video game idea.

The working game name is:


It happens in the year 2159, 61 years after a large alien craft makes an emergency landing on Earth, in Hamburg, Germany. By accident it obliterates much of the city, which was later rebuilt into a larger, more modern city and since hails as the location of the capital of the World Governing Body.

The alien race on-board the ship, the Neila,  are refugees from their home world, which was taken over by the tyrannical dictator, Naitame, who has gained control of the Neila planet and systematically eradicated entire planets, as well as enslaving many other species to help fuel the “Neila” way of life.

The refugees, are a part of the handful of  rebels against the rule of Naitame, led by the rightful ruler of the Neila race, Grolitamie, heir to the throne. Though not on the vessel that crashed on Earth, he has been instrumental in helping ease the concerns between the Earth, and the Neila races. Eventually the Neila are accepted into the population of Earth, given equal rights and privileges as natural-born earth inhabitants.

Thirty years later (61 years after the craft crash landed), after many failed attempts to eradicate all life on Earth, as being rebellious, and un-evolved, Naitame sends his senior adviser to earth in one of the cargo vessels now working along with earth in the intergalactic trade federation, to infiltrate into the population of earth, and construct a weapon that will destroy the sequencing of all DNA on the planet in a single pulse.

The pieces had been smuggled onto the planet for 2 months, but the last piece is intercepted by the customs branch of the United Earth Defense Service (UEDS) (Which is a World Governing Body military established shortly after the Neila species is welcomed as part of the population. With the help of the Neila, they help advance earth’s technology with faster than light travel, weaponry, and galactic information. They also helped set up the UEDS, which helps protect Earth from attack from the Neila, who are determined to eradicate all life on, and gain all resources of earth.) With the discovery of the last piece, it is evident to the UEDS what Naitame is setting out to do on earth.

The Neila advisers to the UEDS, inform them that the technology to create the last piece of the bomb is present in the wreckage of the crashed ship in Hamburg. Which Naitame’s source on earth knows as well, which is where the game picks up.

24 hours before the game is set to begin, the Neila Federation attacks (The federation on earth consists of Neila federation empathisers of which are of Neila, Kromlark (A planet that is dedicated to following Naitame at all costs), and Human decent) and gains control of a large portion of Hamburg, which includes the tourist attraction of the remnants of the Neila vessel that crashed in 2098.

It is in this vessel that the bomb will be built, and set off.

Enter our four heroes, James, the Texan, Rifle specialist, and leader. Marcos, From Mexico, and the fledgling to the team is the heavy weapons specialist, and still seems to be fighting for his acceptance. Patrick, from Munich Germany, is the quiet one, which is good for his specialty, Sniper. And Tamalk, a Neila’n, She is the elder of the group, and has a history with the rebel cause against Naitame. She is also the Neila’n weapons specialist. Humans and Neila have different anatomy which makes the use of Neila weapons impossible by humans, and vise-versa. (The Neila weaponry taps directly into the Neila nervous system, allowing for thought controlled weapons fire.)

The player will play each character. all four stories happen in the same relative time space, and as each character finishes its mission, the player will be transported back to the beginning, as they take the reigns of the next character. This will again happen, when the team enters the Neila ship, to conduct each characters critical mission, then again meet up in the end to take on the leader of the Neila Federation on Earth.

There will be another story that is happening at the same time on the home planet of Neila. As the rightful leader of Neila, Grolitamie, will mount a full-out final offensive against the rule of Naitame. None of this will be seen during game play, but will be mentioned throughout the game by the UEDS General Gavin.

This mission on the home planet of Neila, if this game is successful will be the basis of a follow on game, which within fashion of this, will happen at the same time as this game, and have mentions of what is happening on earth throughout that game as well. The follow on game will tentatively be called:

“Neila: Rightful Heir”

I would love to hear thoughts about the premise of the game, as I have written it, and hope I have not confused anyone… LOL

Thanks for reading, and look forward to reading your comments.


15 June 2011

  1. Lance… this sounds awesome it is a shame that you didn’t finish it 😦 from pvt basil

  2. Man as I read this now, I realize how massive this game could be, the politics, the action, the story and best of all the gameplay that could have been. I really need to sell this idea off to someone to see if this epic game could be made for the next gen consoles.
    I wish I could share the entire story with you all, but I cant let it onto the net, as I need to try to keep my rights to everything on it.

  3. Sounds worthy of AAA, if you could get money behind it, though the game mechanics sound a little clunky.

    • The mechanics of the game were the problem why we decided not to go with this one first, they were detailed interfaces with the player and the environment, meaning destructible environments, to a point, as well as the interface of the RPG style updating each of the four characters would be able to use. Our adventure into the “Lazarus” or better known to the programmers and I “Kinetomortophobia” was going to create a basis for the Neila engine, which would integrate all the aspects we wanted in game interactivity, and player input, as well as having one hell of a game experience where a player would need to topple a massive building in order to block the advances of troops on his position.

      We had also envisioned a semi-sand box world. traveling through the city, being able to use multiple avenues of approach. To me, the game was gearing up to be phenomenal. We were just going to need funding to pull it off, thus “Lazarus”, it was going to fund Neila.

  4. Hmm… Off the top of my head, I would have some ideas on how to introduce this to the open source community. Generally open source software is free, but many developers are able to sustain software development through donations or by tweaking the license a little, if I’m not mistaken. And I believe it’s rather difficult to get money for an idea unless you also assist with development, and that doesn’t necessarily mean you’d have to be a programmer. Some open source projects are looking for graphic artists, translators, etc.

    I don’t know anything for sure, and I don’t want to give anyone false hopes. If you’re partially interested we can discuss it a little more.

  5. Give me to the weekend. And shoot me your email at:

    I will discuss what was going on before hand, as I was forming a game company called Neila Games.

    And a trivia point. Neila is only a word written backwards. Check it out… no one has ever caught it… he he he

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