Re-emergence of nerdy me…

I have recently experienced something I can’t quite explain, but do know why it has happened.

I have started recently finding the need to re-watch films or television series I used to love, and most people on the planet would consider extremely nerdy. To give an example of some of the recent films and shows I have found myself watching again are the following:


  • Star Wars, the complete series
  • Star Trek (The Motion Picture, II The Wrath Of Kahn, III The Search For Spock, IV The Voyage Home, First Contact, and Nemesis)
  • Star Trek (2009)
  • The Last Star Fighter
  • Tron (1982)
  • Tron Legacy (2010, already watched it 5 times since my first outing in April)
  • Legend
  • Dragon Slayer
  • Fan Boys
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Angel
  • Doctor Who
  • Red Dwarf
  • Space 1999
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Star Trek: Enterprise
As you can see, something inside me recently has regressed back to when I was living in the 90’s, I seem to be embracing the Nerd in me a little more. I believe I realize that I am a nerd more than I have been admitting for the last decade. I used to embrace it more with open arms, however at some point I repressed it. Why? I am unsure.
However I realize what has caused the re-emergence, it was a wonderful new film available on DVD, and Blu-ray. It is amazing, and made me think of the times when I used to love science. The times I would open electronic devices, and study the components, and come up with ideas for new uses for the component boards.
The time when I would dream of a servant robot. (But who hasn’t?) When video cameras were new and wonderful things to me, yet I understood how running a video camera and 2 VCR’s could create a home video editing system almost matching those in the television studios. This was also the same time I used to play Laser-Tag, from Worlds Of Wonder, in the woods behind my house.  When a couple other friends and I would go play int he swamps behind the shopping mall, and then trudge through the mall with our sloshy shoes, wet trousers, and the fresh smell of putrid water wafting around us in the crowded area.
It was a time, when I could not be happier two of my favourite television cartoons were transformed into big screen copies, Both Transformers, and GI Joe. At this time I could not be happier of a new band called Ah-Ha were storming the charts.
This is also around the same time in 1982 I first witnessed one of my all time favourite motion pictures. It came from a company who seldom ever expands out from children’s fare. Disney released a film that was among the first from them to make a motion picture for adults.
The idea of life within a computer was something that brought me a sense of amazement. That every program ever written to do our bidding on our side, was within the computer, a living person, dealing with the problems that occur within the digital universe.
These programs are constantly striving to live in a place where they are easily corrupted, damaged, or deleted (Derezed, as it was called in the film) This was at a time that the idea of a Personal computer was impossible. The closest thing we has was a Commodore 64.
It taught people (Users as referred to us in the film) that we are the creators, gods as it were in their universe. Without our insight into them, they would never have been created. The film also brings a “User” into their world, to deal with the triles and tribulations of their existence, and places him in the gaze of the evil leader of the “Grid”.
The entire film is a look into the Christian, and Muslim religions. Though not in a direct comparison, the theological connection is there. One of the “Users” or Creators enters into their world, to save it from evil, only to again leave the world again at the end. Though only a very few in the film actually understand that Kevin Flynn is a user, the others mock him, and the government is attempting to capture and kill him, to re-enforce the belief that there is no user, but rather the Master Control Program. (Comparable to the Roman Empire)
Though vary few people understood what it was that was being explained in the film, It became an instant legend, and among many circles a Cult Classic the day it came out.
For over twenty years the cult followers have been demanding a sequel, which almost came into fruition in the late 90’s when actor, and person whom portrays the title character (Though not the main character) Tron, Bruce Boxleightner, was pursuing a possible script. It got greenlit for a while then it quickly fell apart.
The script was later turned into a Computer Video game called Tron 2.0
It was popular between the Tron Cults, however was poorly received by all. The characters were too transparent, the story way too far off from the original story, and when there were characters from the first film there, they were mostly only as a need to put them in it somewhere, rather than make them part of the story.
So in 2009 I happened upon a website, which was a viral advertisement campaign for a new film coming out in December 2010, entitled Tron Legacy.
Well… I could not make it into the theatres to see it in all of its 3D glory, however in April it was released on iTunes by Apple, and on DVD and Blu-Ray shortly after.
What can I say, the 20 year wait was well worth it. They definitely fleshed out the characters, The characters from the first film, whom mattered, Flynn, Clu, Tron and some others were there as well.  They dug deeper into the world known as the “Grid” and brought us again into a magical world of programs, and bits, Light cycles, and Recognizers. The Grid, and Off-Grid.
A world that has been transformed again by a dictatorial leader, and a cyber army bent of control of the world, and I didn’t say the “Grid” on purpose.

Quora, Kevin Flynn, and Sam Flynn from Tron Legacy

A world where the hero from the first film, both of them have been missing, for 20 years in their proper worlds. Kevin Flynn has been missing from the real world for 20 years, and Tron has been missing just as long within the “Grid”
Kevin Flynn’s son, Sam Flynn, now chief executive of the Encom Software company, the richest and most powerful software and game manufacturer in the world, has only been watching as the company has slowly been taken over by the CEO and president. Demanding payment for products that former CEO Kevin Flynn deemed that should always be free for the world.
He has an abandonment issue from his father who had disappeared from the world 20 years earlier. Authorities believe that the senior Flynn was actually somewhere dead. Which placed Sam as the sole Majority stock holder of his fathers company, at 8 years old.
Through a freak encounter, he is transported, as his father was for the last time twenty years earlier, into the world of the “Grid” and instantly, as his father was in his first excursion into the world, placed into what is known as the “Game Grid”. A place of cyber-gladiatorial combat for the entertainment for the other programs in the world.

Rinzler, From Tron Legacy

Back to the point.
I believe this film released something in me that had been until this point penned up, awaiting release, allowing me to better express my true self, to the world.
I am a NERD!!!
I Embrace it!!!
I accept it!!!
And I give Tron Legacy a total ranking of 4.9 out of 5 stars…

I respect your opinion, Leave a comment.

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