Back in the saddle, finally

Well the time has flown by since my last post.

I am now a proud employee of a personnel company called GPS, and I have been contracted through them to a company working for the FAG ballbearing plant here in Schweinfurt, called Madinger.

I am more than excited to be working at one of the large factories here in town, and FAG (Look through the obvious name issue) is one of the largest. Sachs is larger, but I will not complain.


The job involves the inspection of parts that are used in the manufacture and repair of cars, including Ford, Volvo, Volkswagen and Audi, and passenger aircraft engines from Rolls Royce.

There are so many different parts to the job, which is why I like it so much. I almost never know what I will be doing on the days until I get into the factory. Then I learn what I will be doing, or what I will be inspecting, or what I will be repairing. It is a truly amazing thing knowing that lives are in my hands. Maybe it seems trivial or small, but the smallest thing can cause catastrophic results without the proper attention to detail.

since most of the parts are created by machine, using 3 ton metal bars, we need to inspect every individual piece just in case a part is made using the end pieces, and pressed into form. this piece, if not found, when used in something like a flange for a car, could separate when the vehicle reaches high speeds, causing it to break apart, and the car to loose control from the excess wobble of the now damaged part. Now imagine what a bad part in an aircraft could do.

Pay wise, I will not complain. I can not complain. I am working, that is what matters to me the most. I would like to leave the personnel company, and go to work directly for Madinger. Where the pay would be slightly better, but the kicker for me would be the unlimited contract from them. That kind of security is something that I truly desire.

Well, I will let you all go.

thanks for reading my words of dim-whit. 🙂




About Lance "Magic" Goolsby

I may be best known for being Co-host of the Global Detection Adventures podcast, as well as my youtube channel, Detecting Bavaria with Lance and XP Deus. I am founder/creator and director of the Global Detecting Adventures (GDA) site and videos as well as a metal detector myself. I am also an avid Star Wars fan and collector of Star Wars toys and Memorabilia. I am now co-host of the Holocron of the Whills, A Star Wars Talk Show. I am a father, metal detector, comic collector, toy collector and many more things.

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