Letting out some steam… Finally

Wow, how the days go by.

Been jobless now for around 6 months. Receiving unemployment now until the end of this month, May, and then getting nothing more from the government of Germany. This is not of my doing. I have been applying to any job that I have knowledge about or that may be open, also sending my resume to work at some of the factories in the city on the production line.

I sometimes think I am not getting any call backs for interviews based on my nationality.

I know that as a hard remark to say, but when you are sitting in my shoes, it sure feels that way. I am a pretty damn knowlegable person, pursuing all subjects that I have even a little knowledge in, and expanding my base of knowledge.

However it is not in the German way to hire people that know positions, they only hire people trained after school in the positions. I couldn’t be more sorry that I as an American was not trained in a job position, as the Germans are, in High school. I was a soldier. I am trained how to shoot other humans, out of spite from opposing government positions in matters that matter to them.

I was not taught graphic creation, or web graphic production, word, excel, after effects, or even how to paint paintings. These things, and many more I learned on my own, because I enjoy them.

.coverI took it upon myself to learn skills that I saw I was good at, and excited me so I could apply them into a real world position. Not for the money, but that is not bad, but out of the love for the creative process of it.

Oh well. So here I am writing chapter three of my new novel, The Face in the Falls. This is again something I like doing, so we will see if I can finally get myself a literary agent to back me up and get me published finally.

This was just a little steam to let out.

I have been purged,

Thanks for reading.




About Lance "Magic" Goolsby

I may be best known for being Co-host of the Global Detection Adventures podcast, as well as my youtube channel, Detecting Bavaria with Lance and XP Deus. I am founder/creator and director of the Global Detecting Adventures (GDA) site and videos as well as a metal detector myself. I am also an avid Star Wars fan and collector of Star Wars toys and Memorabilia. I am now co-host of the Holocron of the Whills, A Star Wars Talk Show. I am a father, metal detector, comic collector, toy collector and many more things.

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