The Christmas story

Ok, well here you wont find the christmas story… yet.

this is just an update for those of you who know I am writing a new story.

The story is called “A 21st Century Christmas Story”

It revolves around the main character, Thomas Bagger. A highly successful Business man with more pride in himself than anyone else that has landed on the planet prior. He takes his business seriously, and gets paid well from it as well. Driving all the best cars, wearing the most expensive suits, and living in the biggest house in the city.

Tom has one thing he hates more than someone not doing their work properly, children.

He hates how they act, smell, walk, talk, he hates every little detail about them.

He also hates his family. Especially during the holiday season. He sees them as mooches that always want to get together on the holidays just to complain about their lives, and take presents from other people.

Little did Tom know, his life and his belief system was about to get challenged when a tragedy takes the lives of his parents and his sister, leaving the one thing he never wanted in his care. A fourteen month old girl named Carol.

Tom now has the course of the holiday weekend to figure out if  he truly wants a child in his life, or place it in the care of the state.

With the help of a nurse, and the city Sheriff, Tom finds there is more to life and the holidays than the stress of shopping, and family. He, for the first time in his life, finds a new emotion within him that he never knew was there.

This is a work of fiction, and I will most likely post it here in the stories section when I am finished with it. For the family in my life, I will be sending this to you in both a PDF format, and a Word format.

I am dedicating this story to everyone in my life that has helped me make the right decisions, and has supported me throughout the difficult and troublesome times my family and I went through recently and while I was in the Army. They all stood by me and I want them to know how that gave me strength, and hope when it seemed like it had all vanished.

I thank you all…

Lance M. Goolsby


About Lance "Magic" Goolsby

I may be best known for being Co-host of the Global Detection Adventures podcast, as well as my youtube channel, Detecting Bavaria with Lance and XP Deus. I am founder/creator and director of the Global Detecting Adventures (GDA) site and videos as well as a metal detector myself. I am also an avid Star Wars fan and collector of Star Wars toys and Memorabilia. I am now co-host of the Holocron of the Whills, A Star Wars Talk Show. I am a father, metal detector, comic collector, toy collector and many more things.

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