Peoples lack of individual reasoning because of the media.

I have been thinking lately how people around the world are constantly in a state of panic about whatever new world crisis there happens to be playing on the telly. Most people are sheep, being led by the media into whatever they want them to feel.

Here are examples:

When the people of Tibet rose up against the Communist China government, how many “Free Tibet” stickers did we see driving around the streets? Not to mention how many demonstrations were there world wide? Where are they now?

When there was a tsunami in the Maldives, the world opened their wallets to donate. What has happened to their donating lately?

When there was massive flooding in India, people were donating left and right clothing, school equipment and money. What has happened since?

Then comes the 2011 earthquake in Japan.

Of all of the recent tragedies, this one takes the lead in the amount of people swallowed by the media. people flocking in the thousands to protest against nuclear power. stating how unsafe it is, and how we need to find alternate sources, to help sustain the human race.

Well people, here are some facts:

This is not the first reactor to have a melt down.

March 28, 1979, in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, U.S.A. (Yes people we had our own melt down as well!) 3 mile island reactor number 2 had a complete melt down. The power plant is still to this day not accessible without suits due to the radiation lingering inside.

April 26, 1986, Chernobyl, Russia (Now the Ukraine) The largest and most deadly reactor meltdown happened. 25 people were killed by acute radiation poisoning, and an entire viliage needed to be relocated due to the amounts of radiation in the area. There will be thousands of deaths by cases of cancer which was directly caused by this radiation.

Yet for some reason very few at the time flocked to protest the worlds reliance on nuclear power.

Now, May 24 2011 there is an earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and everyone wants to boycott nuclear power.

Some people don’t care what it will cost, and demand the immediate shut down of these plants. They fail to reason the following:

  • Shutting down a nuclear power plant leaves on average 100,000 homes and businesses without power. (Per plant)
  • Without power, businesses cannot create the products or run the computers needed to create revenue for the company.
  • Without revenue for the company there is no pay for the employees.
  • Without pay for the employees, there is no rent paid, food bought, no clothing bought, no consumer goods period being consumed.
  • The farmer is now making no money because no one is buying his produce.
  • The clothing company is now out of business, because of the same.
  • Oh, did I mention that much of the power being generated by these nuclear power plants is being exported to other countries? So guess what happens then? The exact same process as what happens in the direct area of the power plant, is now spread to another country as well.

What some people consider to be a simple shut down of a nuclear reactor, will cause a world wide economic and not to mention social collapse.

People will reply, “well companies can just hook up a generator, and power their company with that.”

Well, lets remove a problem, and create a much larger one. Imagine all of the companies, if you could, in the world, running enough generators to power their companies.

And then think of this. they would be gas powered generators.

Nuclear reactors do have a problem when it comes to the safety of those around them. But it is over all safe form of energy. It happens that when an event happens that captures the worlds attention, they then demand reaction.

I think people need to get off of their high horses, whilst listening to the television news, and start creating a thought process for themselves.

Lets as a unit start thinking outside the box. Creating our own thought processes, and developing our own personal agendas. Lets not allow the government backed news networks, and yes they all are, no matter what they tell you, develop out thoughts for us.

We need to stand back, assimilate the facts, and then move forward. The simple reaction to a problem is not the answer. Give the world your voice by stating the problem, and then the alternatives to it. Do not simply state what needs to be done, and leave it at that.

The news companies want you to react without reason. This gives them fuel to report to the rest of the world. Our inadequacies actually pays them their salaries.

The truth is this. The more we think of the problems plaguing the world, and reacting in a rationally sensible way, the more we as a human race will start to unite.

The more we allow the media to plague our sensibilities and drive us in the direction they want, the more torn we will be as people.

Yes Tibet needs to be free’d, We need to donate to the Maldives as well as India. We need to donate to Japan, and help the restructuring of the areas affected.

We also need to remove nuclear power from the earth. However lets tactfully and with a thought and agenda behind it, bring our plan to the attention of the worlds governments, stating not only the problem. Lets give them the problem, and the solutions.

Lets as humans also look around the world and see who else can use our attention. Lets also help them. Lets not allow the media to drive us to our own extinction.


About Lance "Magic" Goolsby

I may be best known for being Co-host of the Global Detection Adventures podcast, as well as my youtube channel, Detecting Bavaria with Lance and XP Deus. I am founder/creator and director of the Global Detecting Adventures (GDA) site and videos as well as a metal detector myself. I am also an avid Star Wars fan and collector of Star Wars toys and Memorabilia. I am now co-host of the Holocron of the Whills, A Star Wars Talk Show. I am a father, metal detector, comic collector, toy collector and many more things.

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  1. Well Lance, perhaps you did your research and I am glad that some people use their brain instead of just following a flock. Regardless. It is a threat that can not be ignored. I am not for shutting down all powerplants. That is sheer impossible. But getting rid of the ones that are defect. (and yes…there are a whole lot of them). We allready have the technology for alternative power. So building up those and slowly shutting down the reactors is a good option. (and possible) This would take years of course but it is better than leaving things the way they are. You probobly wonder about the utopic demonstrators. I was one of them. But I never agreed on shutting all of the reactors down. Still, something hapened. The dangorous reactors were shut down and repairs were done (and still are) on old defect powerplants. (I am not talking about the one in Grafenrheinfeld. Obviously the repairs were planned befor the demos).
    As for the media feeding us semi apocalyptic garbage…absolutely right. We have alot of tv channels to choose from. It depends on the quality of the news and not how entertaining it may or may not be. Of course Fox news is more entertaining then cnn. though cnn is puting out their share of drama as well it is still some what serious news. If a news channel chooses their politicle agenda …consevative or liberal…then it can’t be a taken serious. On the german channels it is taff or any other crap on RTL, Pro7 and such. Unfortunatly human kind has gotten lazy and is out for it’s own profit. ARD, ZDF and CNN is boring. No action, no drama…TThis is where the big problem lies. People don’t want knowledge they want to be entertained. Of course the media follows the crowd….mehr einschaltquoten. Just my thaughts. Dey just gots ta get edgecated. 😉

    • I also agree, we do need to shut down the nuclear power plants, However we also, when we demonstrate against them, need to give a viable alternate source for power.

      This is one of the major problems with the people who are demonstrating against them… They want them off immediately, and do not think of the problems that will arise from it. We are a people dependant on electricity. So if we turn them off immediately, we will be powerless. Pardon the pun…

      Lets band together, and demonstrate for a new power source, as well as against the nuclear plants…

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